How effective are roses on Hinge?

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I thought I would take a look at what the data says about this topic. In this article, we’ll be going over how much the rose has impacted Hinge since the feature launched in August of 2016. By the end of this post, you should have a solid understanding of whether roses have made a positive impact on Hinge’s user growth and engagement.

Hinge Standouts \u0026 Roses Explained 2021

How effective are roses on Hinge?

  • Roses are the most popular gift on Hinge.
  • If you want to attract someone, then send a rose! Any match who has received your rose will know about your affection for them and be more likely to respond.
  • Just like real life, roses don’t always guarantee a positive result, but they do help get the ball rolling and tell your matches that you have an interest in meeting up.
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People Also Asked:

Getting free roses on hinge

To get free roses on hinge all you have to do is download the Hinge app, create an account, and then you will receive 1 free rose per week.

It is common to get a rose on Hinge

It is common to get a rose on Hinge app. You will get a rose when you send your first message to someone who has shown interest in you.

Hinge tells you if you are a standout

Hinge will let you know when you are a standout based on the percent match rate.

People actually send roses on Hinge

People actually send roses on Hinge

Rose is a feature on Hinge that is more powerful than a like. It’s the most meaningful way to show your interest in someone or let them know that you’re interested. 

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Become a standout profile on Hinge

To be a standout profile on Hinge, it’s important to express your personality, interests and values. This is your chance to show the world what makes you unique, from your personality traits to your lifestyle preferences. We want to know where you live and what you love doing when you’re not at work or playing games. In addition, fill out your profile in detail so potential matches can learn more about you!

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Hinge shows most attractive first

Hinge shows the most attractive users first. This helps to ensure you’re a step ahead, and not wasting time on matches who are only half-interested in you.

Hinge likes per day

The average person gets about 2 likes a day on Hinge.

Paying for Hinge

Paying for Hinge gets you access to premium features and perks that make it easier to connect with people you share interests with.

The Hinge algorithm

The Hinge dating app algorithm works by using your social networks as a proxy for your personality. The more people in our network, the more we can get to know about you and the better our matches will be for you.

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