How does Walmart grocery pickup work?

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With Walmart grocery pickup you can enjoy the comfort of shopping on your mobile or computer, and pick up your order in store. With grocery pickup, you can shop at any time that you like, so it’s easier to fit shopping into your busy schedule. When you place your order online, they’ll let you know when it’s ready for pickup at the store. Your items will be bagged at checkout and placed by the exit so you can grab them on your way out.


Walmart Grocery Pickup

How does Walmart grocery pickup work?

  • Casually order your items online and then pick them up in their free curbside parking area.
  • Your receipt will be available on Walmart Grocery Pickup when you arrive to the store.

Tipping the Walmart grocery pick up person

The Walmart grocery pick up person is not tipped. However if they are kind and helpful to you, it would be appropriate to give them a smile or a thanks when they bring your order to the counter to be checked out.

Using the online Walmart grocery pickup

To use our grocery pickup service, you’ll need to first place your order online at or on the Walmart Grocery app. Then choose Walmart Grocery Pickup as a shipping method during checkout.

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A $35 minimum for Walmart pickup

While their standard store pickup is free, there’s a $35 minimum purchase requirement for the order to qualify for free pickup. They want to make sure you get the best price on your items, and in order for this to happen, they require a minimum purchase total of $35.”

The amount of time that Walmart pickup hold your items

The amount of time that Walmart pickup hold your items

Items ordered using Walmart pickup are held for up to seven days. If your order doesn’t arrive within the allotted time, we’ll refund the money you put toward the purchase

Tipping Walmart grocery delivery

You have to tip Walmart Grocery Delivery. It is a requirement that you tip your deliverers. They are supposed to help load your car with groceries, or bring the groceries inside your home if they can’t fit in your car, and they even take anything back that didn’t fit in your car.

Not picking up Walmart grocery order in time

If you don’t pick up your Walmart grocery order in time, your selected delivery window will automatically be extended by four hours. You will still be charged the same low price for the delivery of your groceries, but you’ll have an extra four hours to pick it up.

Someone else picking up Walmart grocery order

Someone else picking up Walmart grocery order

If you are unable to pick up your Walmart grocery order, another person can. Just choose the “Pick Up for Someone Else”.

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Walmart pickup order taking so long

Your Walmart pickup order is typically ready within an hour from when you place your order. Some orders may take longer depending on the time of day or location.

Walmart employees taking tips

The answer is no. According to Walmart’s website employees cannot accept tips. However, in the real world this is not necessarily true because customers can give their tips freely and voluntarily.

Walmart pickup for non groceries

Walmart offers pickup service for non groceries such as apparel, home décor, toys, furniture and more. To shop online and pick up in store at your local Walmart Simply select the “Pickup” option at checkout.

Deleting items from Walmart grocery pickup

You can delete items from the Walmart grocery pickup app, when you place an order with store pick up if you don’t want to purchase something an item you previously ordered simply hold down then select remove from cart.

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Using your own bags for Walmart grocery pickup

You can use your own bags for Walmart grocery pickup by bringing them to the store and placing them in the designated area near your cashier as you check out.

Walmart groceries more expensive online

The price of groceries at can be cheaper or more expensive depending on several factors. If you’re looking for a good deal, check out the list below to find out when you should buy in-store and when it’s better to deliver!

Walmart is so short on groceries

Walmart is short on groceries because they have too many locations. They don’t have enough room in each store to carry the larger amount of grocery items that are sold at their locations. Additionally, it is common for them to sell all of their perishable goods before closing time which involves a lot of waste and spoilage.

Walmart Grocery Pickup | How It Works and Tips

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