How does SuperSwipe work on Bumble?

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  • On Bumble’s main menu, under your profile photo, there is the option to buy SuperSwipe.
  • As soon as you’ve purchased it, you can tell someone how much you value them by tapping the star icon on their profile.  
  • SuperSwipes notify the other user that you’re interested in them and you want to know them privately.

Bumble SuperSwipe Explained – Is It Worth The Price?

Bumble Pro Tips: Superswipe to stand out.

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How do you know who Super swiped you on Bumble?

You’ll instantly know if someone SuperSwiped you. You’ll get notified about their interest, and who they are straight to your inbox. A match is made, and you can start chatting!

What does it mean to get super swiped on Bumble?

When someone super swipes you on Bumble, it means that they have a serious interest in connecting with you. The swipe up indicates that they would like to start chatting right away. 

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Is Super swipe on Bumble worth it?

Super swipe on Bumble pays for itself with just one match! Super swipe matches you with the best of your matches, allowing you to swipe right and left on 50+ people at a time.

Are Super likes creepy?

Are Super likes creepy?

No, Super likes aren’t creepy. They’re a great way to show your interest in a potential match and indicate that you want to get to know them better.

Are super swipes desperate?

Super swipes are definitely not a desperate move and are more on the fun side of life. They are meant to create fun conversations and get you closer to that special someone. 

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How long does a Superswipe last on Bumble?

Once a SuperSwipe is purchased in Bumble, it will last for one (1) week.

How long does a SuperSwipe is usable on Bumble?

How long does a SuperSwipe is usable on Bumble?

SuperSwipe time is reset weekly. If you purchased a plan on October 2, for instance, it will expire on the earliest date of the following week.

What happens when you get super liked?

Getting super liked on Bumble is a great thing. It shows that the person who liked you saw something in your profile that stood out to them! Even more exciting is getting matched, because it means the person thought you were pretty amazing, too.

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How do you know if someone super swiped you?

You will receive a notification about it after you open your profile.

Can someone see if you SuperSwiped them on Bumble?

Can someone see if you SuperSwiped them on Bumble?

You’ll be notified when someone SuperSwipes you on Bumble. That way, you can decide if there’s a match worth chatting with or not. 

Can someone see if you super liked them?

Yes, the other person will get a notification and if they find you attractive, they will try to connect with you.

Can you undo a super like?

You can undo your last swipe by pressing on the profile you just swiped left or right on, then tapping “Unlike.” This feature is only available to Bumble premium. 

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