How does Hinge app make money?

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Curious about Hinge app and how it makes money? How is this company different from the many other apps out there? Here are the answers to these questions.

Dating App Hinge: Founder Still Single?

How does Hinge app make money?

  • Hinge, a popular dating app, makes most of its money by selling premium memberships to its members.
  • The Hinge premium membership allows users to see all of their likers at once and get unlimited likes on other users profiles.
  • There are also additional features that can be purchased for less than $30 per month.

People Also Asked:

Hinge app release date

Hinge was founded in 2011 by Justin McLeod, who at the time was working at Facebook. It was his first startup, and he was inspired by and MySpace (yes really!)

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Hinge start

Hinge started with a simple mission: to connect you with real people. The way you meet people today has changed, and we think that’s great. It’s why we built Hinge – an app based on quality over quantity. Rather than having a bunch of strangers in your inbox all day long, Hinge connects you to those who are more likely to be compatible with you. 

A relationship app

Hinge is the Relationship App. We want to help you find real connections and quality dates; relationships are important, so we designed Hinge to be different than any other dating app out there today.

The #1 dating app

The #1 dating app

Hinge is becoming the #1 dating app, because it’s designed to be used like a real relationship. With Facebook-powered (meaning real) profiles and questions that make you find out more about each other, we get to know you before you meet. 

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Hinge app makes money

Hinge makes money by charging what it calls “premium” features unique to its platform. Each feature is priced differently, but costs are relatively competitive with most dating apps and sites. These “premium” features include unlimited swipes, last seen seeking, and other capabilities you’re likely to use only a few times a month.

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Hinge is mostly used in US

Hinge is used most in the U.S., where it launched. The app makes connections with people who are a good match, by taking users through a series of questions and matching through shared interests.

The percentage of Hinge female users

Almost 40 percent of Hinge users are female.

The special thing about Hinge

This is what’s special about Hinge: the connections you find in your real life. At Hinge, we believe that real relationships begin with a mutual connection. Our users are looking for something real and meaningful, through their online dating profiles, messages and background stories.

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