How does eharmony algorithm work?

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eHarmony has to be one of the most successful websites when it comes to using data for matchmaking. Since it is so sucessful, we wanted to see what exactly made eHarmony so great. So we disassembled their algorithm.

How Does eharmony Work?

How does eHarmony algorithm work?

  • eHarmony’s algorithm uses an advanced compatibility matching system that goes beyond basic questions and personality assessments.
  • It is called the “Dynamic Pairing System”, and its goal is to connect you with quality matches that share some common interests, while also giving you the freedom to date outside your normal comfort zone.
  • The result is meaningful relationships based on shared values and goals.

People Also Asked:

A high compatibility score on eharmony

A compatibility score of 110 is an extremely high score and indicates a very good match. In fact, eharmony believes you might be so well matched that you should verify your profile with the person on the other end!

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New matches on eharmony

You may receive new matches on eharmony every day, but there is no guarantee. We will not let you go more than 5 days without new matches.

eHarmony marriages ended in divorce

The rate of divorce in eHarmony marriages is incredibly low. In fact, we’re proud to say that if you met your match on eHarmony and chose to get married, the average chance that you will get divorced is only 5 percent

Accuracy of eHarmony location

Accuracy of eHarmony location

eHarmony location is the most accurate dating app in the market. You can connect with singles from your neighborhood, who share the same interests as you. At eHarmony, we’re proud of our ability to match singles, and your location is just the beginning of all we know about you.

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People getting married from eHarmony

eHarmony is the largest online dating site, in terms of total users. More than 36 million people have joined eHarmony since it was founded in 2000 to use the site’s matchmaking services, and more than 25 percent of those reported being married as a result of meeting on eHarmony!

Dating site best for serious relationships

The world’s best relationship site for serious singles looking for a long-term commitment. eHarmony is the first and largest site of its kind. We match you with people who share your values …

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First message on eharmony

With eharmony, you can create a unique first message to share your personality and break the ice. Be sure to focus on topics of conversation that are relevant to you and your matches.

Screenshot on eharmony

You can screenshot eharmony. Your mobile can do it with speed and convenience.

eHarmony or elite singles

eHarmony and elite singles have been around for several years and offer a wide range of services and packages. Both are known for their excellent matchmaking algorithms and high success rates, with eHarmony attracting more traditional customers and elite singles attracting the younger demographic. Elite singles is cheaper but less established, while eHarmony costs more upfront but offers more features including in-depth personality assessments and compatibility questionnaires.

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