How does Bumble work step by step?

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Many are familiar with Tinder, the popular dating app. Bumble is similar, but with a twist. Today I’ll discuss how Bumble works step by step and help you get started with this fun social app

How To Use Bumble

How does Bumble work step by step?

  • Download the Bumble app on your smartphone and create an account by entering your phone number and email address.
  • You can swipe right to pass on a profile or left to like it.
  • When both users swipe right on each other at exactly the same time, they match and can begin talking in the app’s “chats” section.

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Using Bumble as a beginner

To use Bumble for beginners, you sign up with your Facebook account and enter some basic information about yourself: hair color, eye color, relationship status and so on. Then you post a picture of yourself as well as a short bio.

Bumble gives all power to the woman

Bumble is a dating app that gives you the power to decide who you want to talk to. If a woman likes what she sees or swipes right on you, then it has a chat. If she doesn’t, then she can reject and move on. Bumble is all about having the choice, for women and for men.

Simply match on Bumble

Simply match on Bumble

To get matches on Bumble, you just have to swipe left to pass, or swipe right to like. If two people like each other, it’s a match!

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Swiping right on Bumble

When you swipe right on a match, the matchmaker at Bumble gives them and you 24 hours to start chatting. If there’s no communication in 24 hours, the match disappears.

When looking at a guy profile

Guys on Bumble don’t get notified when you look at their profile. This keeps the playing field level and prevents sneaky guys from abusing this as a way to find out more about you.

Bumble for females

Bumble for females

Well, the app gives women complete control of the conversation. With men who message first, women are more likely to reply. But with Bumble, the right thing to do is for the woman to make the first move. What’s more, it’s completely anonymous, so you can be yourself and start conversations without worrying about rejection or criticism.

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Bumble more serious than Tinder

If you’re looking for something more serious than Tinder, Bumble is the way to go. This app is only for women who want to start conversations with men they match with, and vice versa. The conversation topics in your queue will be different from those seen on other dating apps, since they are curated by professional Bumble staff members based on their expertise and experience.

Getting swiped right more often

Everyone wants to be swiped right – especially on Bumble! Crafting a good dating profile can be tricky, but with the right help, it’s easier than you think. Follow our simple tips to make your profile more attractive to potential matches and get more matches of your own.”

Bumble for guys

Bumble is the one that started it all. If you’re a guy looking for a safe, easy and fun way to meet people, Bumble is for you. The women make the first move, so it’s up to them to start a conversation. Get out of your comfort zone, write a killer bio, and let your opening line shine!

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Good first message on Bumble

Direct, honest, funny and casual are all good ways to start a Bumble message. Keep it simple and focus on who you are, what your interests are and how long you’ve been on the app. Things like “I saw your profile and thought we should chat” don’t cut it. Always include a smiley face!

Yellow star meaning on Bumble

Those yellow stars next to “Profile” on your Bumble account mean that you have a message, Super Swipe, and/or Bumble Coins available.

SwperSwipe on Bumble

SwiperSwipe is our premium option that lets you show your real attraction to someone you are really into. It’s the perfect way to take your conversation to the next level and skip right to an awesome date.

How Does Bumble Work? A Beginner’s Guide

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