How does Bumble get your location?

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  • Bumble will display your location depending on where you are.
  • Bumble will obtain your position based on the device’s GPS data and Wi-Fi information when you go back online.
  • Make sure that GPS is on your device.

How to Change Your Location in Bumble!

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Does Bumble automatically pick up your location?

Yes, Bumble does automatically pick up your location. You can double-check by opening the “About” section in-app and looking for your current location at the bottom of this screen.

Can you lie about your location on Bumble?

You can’t lie about your location when you’re on Bumble. If someone messages you, you must be within the radius where they are located. 

How accurate is Bumble’s location?

Bumble’s location accuracy depends on where you are, and what type of GPS hardware your phone has. At the moment, Bumble requires a mobile device that has GPS capabilities, as well as a mobile data plan to use its location services.

Why is Bumble's location wrong?

Why is Bumble’s location wrong?

Bumble’s location feature is designed to locate you using your phone’s GPS and network connectivity. Occasionally it can be off by a few meters, which is where we get the lat/long coordinates from.

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How do you know if someone is active on Bumble?

In addition to connecting other users, you can also find out if someone is active on Bumble by checking their profile in either the main app or Bumble Bizz.

How do I stop my location from showing on Bumble?

To stop your location from showing on Bumble, open the app, tap the menu icon in the top left corner and select “Edit Profile & Settings.” Then, uncheck the “Show My Location” option.

Does Bumble incognito mode hide location?

Does Bumble incognito mode hide location?

Yes, Bumble incognito mode hides your location by default. This setting is on by default and can be turned off in your settings.

How do I change my location on Bumble without travel mode?

Premium members can easily change their location at any time by going to the Profile tab and clicking Change Location.

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Does Tinder only update location when you open the app?

Tinder only updates location based on your past activity, so if you have the app open, it will get updated. But if the app isn’t open, Tinder will not be updated.

What does it mean if someone is using Travel mode on Bumble?

If someone is using Travel mode on Bumble, it means that they have traveled from another area or city to be in your current location.

Does Bumble show when you were last active?

Yes, Bumble does show when you were last active, though it doesn’t show the actual times. It only shows that you were last active in days, weeks, months or years ago.

Does Bumble tell you when someone looks at your message?

Bumble does not enable a feature that lets you know when someone has read your message. However, you can see who has unread messages from their profile page, which is located under the “About” section of their profile.

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Can you see how many times someone viewed your profile on Bumble?

Yes, you can see how many times someone has viewed your profile on Bumble. It’s a great way to feel confident in the quality of your profile and know that it’s sparking interest with potential matches.

Why does Bumble make the girl message first?

Bumble was the first dating app to give women the power to message first. because we believe that women have to take the lead. Flirting should be effortless, and it’s time for women to be in control. We’re here to empower you.

Are Bumble profiles fake?

No, Bumble profiles are not fake profiles. We manually review each profile before it goes live on the app.

Bumble Location Feature Explained

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