How does Amazon wish list work?

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Have you ever been browsing through Amazon and decided to create a wish list? Perhaps you have, and even forgotten about it. I know I have created quite a few of these! What happens if you want to get birthday or anniversary gifts though? How do you access your own wish list?

What is Amazon Wish List and How Does it Work?

How does Amazon wish list work?

  • By creating a wish list, you’ll be able to keep track of items that you want to purchase later.
  • This way, you can always remember what you want and don’t have to waste time looking for those things again when the time comes to buy them.
  • You make the list accessible to other people who may be interested in helping buy an item on it, making gift-giving easier for both parties involved.

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When someone buys something from your Amazon Wish List 

When someone buys something from your Amazon Wish List, they will see the address shown in your Wish List. If you choose not to share your address with them, they’ll receive an email from Amazon with your gift card information. And if you give your list to someone else, their friends might see your address. So it’s a good idea to add any shipping costs before adding a product to your list.

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Wishlist is private

Your wish list is private and not for anyone else to see. No one can purchase anything from it, unless you choose to share it. If someone buys you something on your Amazon Wish List it will remain in your account until you delete it.

Buying from someone’s Amazon Wish List

There are several ways to buy from someone’s Amazon Wish List. The easiest way is to send them an email with a link to the item, and ask them to purchase it for you as an e-card. You can also ask them to purchase it for you through email confirmation.

The point of an Amazon Wish List

The point of an Amazon Wish List

An Amazon Wish List is a central list of items you want to buy at Amazon. It’s a convenient way to keep track of the things you are interested in – not only for yourself, but also for other people on your shopping list. People can view your wish list and then buy gift cards so you can select from what’s on your list.

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People buy stuff on your Amazon Wish List

People can buy stuff on your Amazon Wish List. When you create a wish list, you’ll receive an email confirmation link sent to the email address associated with your Amazon profile. Share this link with anyone who wants to send you (and others) a gift on your wish list.

Buy from an Amazon Wish List anonymously

your purchases from an Amazon Wish List can be made anonymously. To get started, you can either create a wish list from the website or from your account on the mobile app. Your recipient will receive an email notification letting them know you sent a gift and it’ll be added to their Wish List for future shopping.

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Knowing who bought my Amazon list

You will know who purchased your Amazon list the moment you send it. Your unique tracking link allows you to see every time a buyer visits or purchases your list, where they came from, and details regarding their visit. This information can be viewed in your Account Dashboard at any time.

Amazon sharing your address

Amazon will not share your address until it’s been reviewed by their team. Some sellers have Amazon FBA but are also registered with other marketplaces, which means that there could be different addresses associated with their brand. You may see a different address if one of these is selected for delivery.

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