How do you move back on Hinge app?

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Hinge is a matchmaking app that shows your first connections to friends of friends. I personally didn’t care much for it, but you might like it. How do you move back on if you do and decide to delete the Hinge account? This post will show you how.

HINGE APP how to use?

How do you move back on Hinge app?

  • This is a tough one.
  • Hinge does not have an explicit method to reverse an X (swipe).
  • So you will likely have to wait until your missed connection reappears in your stack unless you reside somewhere like New York or LA with thousands of users.

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Hinge special match-making algorithm

Hinge’s match-making algorithm keeps you in touch with your matches, even after you’ve gone on a date. You can see your profile and see who viewed it and who liked you back!

Finding someone again on Hinge

You can definitely find someone again on Hinge. Just search through your matches and match new people as they pop up. If there are people you want to reconnect with, just send a message and get in touch.

Hinge shows you the same person twice

Your Hinge app never shows you the same person twice, even if you’ve already matched with them. That way you can focus on the people who are new to you.

Hinge not a dating or hookup site

Hinge not a dating or hookup site

Hinge is not a hookup site, nor is it a dating site. Hinge matches you with people who are your friends’ friends on Facebook, which makes it much easier to intentionally meet people in real life.

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Someone keeps popping up on your Hinge

If someone keeps popping up on your Hinge, it means that they’ve liked your profile. Each time you two are matched, you’ll see their name in your stack of profiles and be able to message them.

Hinge tell if you screenshot

We do not tell if you screenshot- we want to encourage candid sharing of real life moments in your life.

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Everyone you see on Hinge see you

Only your mutual connections can see that you’ve both liked each other on Hinge.

Find someone on Hinge after Unmatching

Whether you unmatch with someone on Hinge, or they unmatch with you, you can still see their profiles even after an Unmatch.

Paying for Hinge worth it

If you are looking for a quick date or being matched with prospective people, then Hinge will be worth your time. There is no need to fill out a long questionnaire and wait ages to see if anyone is interested in you – just swipe and meet them!

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