How do I put my full name on Bumble?

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The new dating app bumble is really fun to use — I love it. But one thing I was a bit sad about was not being able to put my first and last name on my profile. I couldn’t even find an option for this in the settings, so I had to figure out how else I could put my name on my profile myself. I’m going to show you how you can do this so you can also have your full name on bumble too!

Incorrect Bumble Name! How to Change Name on Bumble? 

How do I put my full name on Bumble?

  • If you already have a Bumble profile without your full name, there is no way to manually change it by yourself.
  • However, if you send an email to the Bumble team and request that they change it for you, they may do it.
  • The final option is to delete your Bumble account and create a new one with your full name.
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People Also Asked:

Editing your name on Bumble

Unfortunately, if your Bumble profile does not contain your full name and you tried to change it through the app, there isn’t a way for you to do so. We suggest writing to us and we will let you know if there is something we can do on our end.

Hiding first name on Bumble

Bumble lets you hide your first name from people you don’t want to see it. This is useful for making the dating experience more anonymous and less awkward.

Bumble not showing full name

No, Bumble does not show your full name. Instead it only shows you first name and a last initial

Using real name on dating apps

Using real name on dating apps

Many people prefer to keep their real name hidden in case they meet someone who knows them and might try and extort money. Others don’t want everyone to know they’re looking to date as they may get catcalled or harassed by others nearby.

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Sees first on Bumble

When you match with a potential suitor, that person sees you first on Bumble. Then, after 24 hours, you get to see the photo they’ve added and decide whether or not you’d like to connect.

The name to use on Bumble

Use your real name on Bumble. It’s what you know other people by, and we want to give people a safe way to approach you.

The number of swipes on Bumble

Unlimited swipes. Bumble lets you swipe until your heart’s content and still match with someone new.

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Being anonymous on Bumble

You can be anonymous on Bumble. Incognito mode allows you to keep your profile hidden from all users (if you choose) while still being able to chat with people.

Making a fake Bumble account

Of course, you can make a fake Bumble account. However, this is against the terms of service and we may not be able to assist you in future if your account is suspended or removed as a result.

Bumble fastest growing dating app

Bumble is one of the fastest growing dating apps on the market. This is because it does things a little differently. Instead of allowing people to post pictures, like other apps do, you have to initiate conversations first.

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