How do i get my drafts back after deleting TikTok?

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  • Recovering TikTok drafts is not easy as it sounds, but if you have used TikTok on your PC, there are 3 ways that you can recover drafts after deleting TikTok:
  • Make use of a third-party application like Video Recovery Software.
  • Retrieve from the trash or recycle bin.
  • Also, drafts out of an existing backup could be recovered.

How To Get Your Drafts Back On TikTok

How To Recover TikTok Draft Video 2022 || New Method || Recover TikTok Drafts Video

People Also Asked:

Can you recover deleted TikTok drafts?

Yes, you can recover deleted TikTok drafts, which are simply recordings that have been saved on your device and then deleted. When you delete them, they are moved to the trash folder, in the directory of your device’s internal memory.

Does deleting TikTok delete all drafts?

When you delete TikTok, all the drafts are deleted. So before deleting TikTok make sure that you’re not comfortable with deleting your drafts because they can contain valuable information on your account.

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Why did TikTok delete all my drafts?

TikTok deleted all your drafts. It could be one of several different reasons. You might have accidentally hit the backspace key (deleting everything), or it could just be that you typed too much for one post! Unfortunately, there isn’t really a way to get them back.

Where are TikTok drafts stored?

Where are TikTok drafts stored?

TikTok drafts are stored in its app and can be uploaded to the server when you are ready.

Do TikTok drafts backup to iCloud?

Yes, TikTok drafts are backed up to iCloud. You can access them by logging in as the same account on a different device or restore from an iCloud backup. 

How do I get my TikTok drafts on my new phone?

To get your TikTok drafts on your new phone, go to the App Store and download the TikTok app. Then log in using the same credentials you used on your old phone. As soon as you’re logged in, all of your drafts will be available for you to share!

Are TikTok drafts deleted forever?

Are TikTok drafts deleted forever?

No, TikTok drafts are not deleted forever. You can easily restore your draft by saving it on your phone and uploading the video from there. This is especially useful for when you accidentally close a draft, or when you want to go back and edit it later.

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Where do deleted TikTok videos go?

Deleted TikTok videos are sent to the cloud, before being deleted from your phone. This is where TikTok keeps a bulk of its data, including information about your usage like watch time and follows.

How do I find recently deleted?

You can search for deleted files quickly and easily by going to the Home page, opening the Gear menu, and selecting “Manage Disc Space.” From there, select “Recently Deleted” in the navigation bar on the left side of your screen.

How To Get Your Drafts Back on Tiktok (Android & iOS) | tiktok deleted video recover

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