How do I accept a chat request on Zoosk?

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How can I accept a chat request on Zoosk? This is a common question that many online daters have when they sign up to the Zoosk online dating website.

Can You Send Messages On Zoosk Without Paying?

How do I accept a chat request on Zoosk?

  • When you receive a notification of a chat request on Zoosk,
  • You have the option to accept or decline it.
  • To begin chatting, simply click on the green accept button and start chatting with a potential match!

People Also Asked:

Chat request on Zoosk

You can request a chat on Zoosk by looking for the chat button under a profile or by clicking the chat bubble in any message.

When a Zoosk member wants to hear from you

When a Zoosk member says they want to hear from you, it means that they’re interested in getting to know you better. They’ve been front and center on your profile and now, they’re asking for your attention. Be sure to respond with a message personal enough to grab their attention but not so long that they feel overwhelmed.

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Zoosk is not sending messages

Zoosk not sending messages is a common issue that occurs when you are using the free version of Zoosk. Only paid members can send messages and more than one message at a time.

Telling if someone is a paid member on Zoosk

Telling if someone is a paid member on Zoosk

You can tell if someone is a paid member on Zoosk by looking at their profile. Paid members have a blue background with a smiley face in their profile photo and they also have membership stars above their name (Zooskers). If someone isn’t a paid member, you can look at their profile and see that they have a gray background with no stars for their membership.

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The green check mark meaning on Zoosk

A green check mark means your message has been recieved and read by the recipient. 

Clicking maybe on Zoosk

If you click maybe on Zoosk, it probably indicates you are not interested in the potential match. You may think that clicking maybe would be a polite way to reject someone, but it is just as rude as saying No. 

A heart meaning on Zoosk

A heart on Zoosk means that you’ve found someone you like. It means that you’re interested and looking to get to know each other better. You don’t have to be a member of the site to send or receive hearts.

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Zoosk conversation disappeared

The reason your conversation has disappeared is that the other person in the conversation either changed their mind, or they are no longer using Zoosk.

Zoosk for dating or hooking up

Like all dating apps, Zoosk is a gateway to love – or, perhaps more accurately, for people looking for some sort of companionship. In fact, Zoosk can be used to find either someone to date or someone to hook up with. The site and app work pretty much like other dating apps and allow users to connect via social media profiles and photos.

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