How can Telegram notify you when someone is online?

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This article will explain to you how you can use Telegram, the free instant messaging service, to automatically notify you when someone is online.

Telegram Online Notification | Last Seen Tracker

How can Telegram notify you when someone is online?

  • Telegram doesn’t come with a built-in feature to alert you when a user becomes online.
  • As a result, you must download and run the tracking software Last Seen Tracker on your phone in order to get notifications when a user is online on Telegram.
  • Tap on the active after entering your contact’s Telegram number.
  • When they become online, you will now be alerted on Telegram .

People Also Asked:

Getting notified when someone goes online on Telegram

When it comes to tracking the Telegram activity of someone you know, Last Seen Tracker is an excellent choice. In addition to letting you see when a user has been active on Telegram, it also sends notifications via an app installed on your phone that do not require internet access.

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Online status on Telegram

You can choose who can view your online status on Telegram. Click My Contact if you just want your contact list to be visible. ClickNobody if you don’t want anyone to be able to view your online status.

Telegram sends notification

Yes! Telegram does send a notification for new messages, so you will always be aware of new content.

If someone stalking you on Telegram

If someone stalking you on Telegram

If you suspect someone of stalking you on Telegram, all you have to check is your History. From the main menu in the top left corner, head over to Settings > Privacy & Security > History and make sure it’s set to “Only me” by default. 

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Knowing if someone muted you on Telegram

If you send a message on Telegram and the user receives but does not respond, that’s a sure sign that they’ve muted you. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to find out if someone muted you or not!

Telegram notifying when saving a picture

Telegram does not notify you when other people save your pictures. This is by design.

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Being anonymous on Telegram

You can be anonymous on Telegram, if you want. Telegram does not store your IP address, connection logs, or any of your data. It simply uses a phone number to log into the service and instant messaging application.

Last seen recently on Telegram

The last seen feature on Telegram helps you keep track of when people were last active on Telegram. It is possible to view the last seen from any person, who has sent you a message or DM.

Chatting with someone who blocked me on Telegram

You can’t chat with someone who blocked you on Telegram, unless they unblock you.

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