How can I Fix my age on Bumble?

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If you are wondering how to fix your age on Bumble you have come to the right place. It’s simple once you know how!

How To Change Your Age on Bumble!

How can I fix my age on Bumble?

  • If your age is showing wrong for you on Bumble, you can not fix it manually.
  • But as Bumble states, feel free to contact their customer service and Let them know that you need to change your age as well as your accurate birthdate.
  • In this message that you are trying to send to Bumble, you should also include your Member ID.

People Also Asked:

Changing age settings on Bumble

If your age is showing wrong on Bumble, our staff is happy to assist you! Please contact us here, and let us know that you need to change your age as well as your correct birthdate. You should also be prepared with a screenshot of your member ID.

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Negatives of Bumble

Negatives of Bumble include that men are not given the option to contact women and only women can initiate conversations. Also, users seem to dislike that you can’t browse other profiles while you are in a conversation with someone.

Edit Bumble profile

Editing your Bumble profile is easy. First, log in to the app and select your profile photo from a drop-down menu. Then adjust your display name and select your closest match percentage. If you want to change the info in your bio, go back to the profile screen and tap into your profile. Next, simply add or change whatever information that’s important to you!

A good Bumble bio

A good Bumble bio

A good Bumble bio is an honest, concise and expressive description of yourself. Think of it as a short introduction to your character, and use this opportunity to let women know what you’re all about!

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The number of swipes on Bumble

Swipe as many times as you want, or just one. It’s totally up to you on Bumble!

Older seniors on Bumble

Bumble is for men and women of all ages, backgrounds, and identities.

Changing age range on Bumble

Changing age range on Bumble

You cannot manually change the age and range on Bumble, but you can send an email to customer service and they will change it for you.

First message on Bumble

Only women can send the first message in a conversation on Bumble. After matching, ladies can say hello by sending a message, or skip right to chatting to browse profiles of new matches.

Putting height on Bumble

If you want to attract women, then adding your height to Bumble is a great way to show off your best features. Ladies love men that are tall, more confident and even more handsome than they are.

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Men lie in online dating

Let’s cut to the chase. Men lie about their age, hair color, and height in online dating profiles. In fact, it’s believed that more than 75% of men lie about their age alone. Such lies could be a result of wanting to appear more youthful and attractive to potential dates.

People’s reasons for enjoying Bumble

People love Bumble for its unique approach to the online dating experience. The app has one big twist compared to other dating apps: women have to make the first move (or at least swipe first). Females like that they have control over who messages them, especially in a world where they often feel like they are being judged or harassed.

Number of active users on Bumble

Bumble has over 45 million active users in 11 countries.

How to Change Age on Bumble? Change Your Bumble Age | Online Dating

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