Don’t know yet Bumble?

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Did you know there’s a new dating app out there you can develop long-term and meaningful relationships with people? Neither did I. But apparently there is, because it’s just been valued at $1bn. Bumble is quickly gaining popularity around the world without resorting to sleazy advertising.

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Don’t know yet Bumble?

  • Bumble app is an amazing dating app that helps you to meet up with the people around you.
  • Bumble is a friendly chat and networking platform where you can make friends, send messages and talk to other people nearby.
  • Bumble is different from other dating apps, in which the female only make the first move.
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People Also Asked:

Don’t know Bumble yet

Bumble is a community of people working together to build relationships of mutual respect, where women make the first move.

Telling if someone looks at your profile on Bumble

Yes, you can tell when someone is looking at your profile on Bumble. There will be a blue dot showing up in the top right corner of your screen saying that someone’s “swiping” you. You can see who it is and then decide if you want to talk to them or block them from seeing your messages.

Something casual means on Bumble

All you need to know about a “casual” Bumble message: It means the match is interested in getting to know each other, but not necessarily planning anything beyond that chat.

Bumble not a hookup app like Tinder

Bumble not a hookup app like Tinder

Bumble is a dating app, not a hook up app. In fact, there are no male or female profiles (to choose from) on Bumble, just the women’s profiles for the men and the men”s profiles for the women.

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Yellow dot meaning on Bumble

The yellow dot means both of you have swiped on each other’s profile, acknowledging that you’ve seen each other. So you can talk to them or message them on Bumble.

Bumble tells the guy when you match

Bumble will tell the guy when you match and give him the opportunity to start a conversation.

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Seeing how many times someone looks at your Bumble profile

You can see how many times someone has looked at your Bumble profile. Sort by last name, distance, mutual friends, or swipe if interested.

Bumble decides who to show you

When you come to Bumble in search of a conversation or match, we use several factors to decide who to show you. These include the mutual friends you share with another user, how often you swipe right on each other’s profiles, and any photos or bios that match.

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