Does Walmart vision center accept Medicaid?

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Walmart vision center accepts Medicaid for eye exams, prescription glasses and contacts lenses. Walmart locations are different on accepting Medicaid, but both Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets may have it. To find your local Walmart vision center accepts Medicaid, just check the store locator on their website.

Does Walmart accept Medicaid for glasses?

Does Walmart vision center accept Medicaid?

  • Walmart vision center takes Medicaid.
  • Walmart is committed to providing affordable healthcare options to their customers and they accept most of the major insurance carriers.
  • If you are not certain that Walmart vision center accepts your insurance, contact the store location for more information.

Cost of glasses at Walmart

You can’t go wrong with the price of glasses at Walmart. They have frames starting as low as $8 that are suitable for anyone, with a prescription.

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Time that takes for prescription glasses to be ready at Walmart

Prescription glasses can be ready in about an hour at Walmart. Depending on the store you go to, you may have different time frames.

Bringing your own frames to Walmart Vision Center

You can bring your own frames to Walmart Vision Center. You will be asked, however, to leave all lenses behind or have them removed and to be sure your frames fit our machines properly by bringing an accurate acetate print out of the frame measurements, including bridge size and temple length.

Cost for a vision test at Walmart

Cost for a vision test at Walmart

Vision tests can cost anywhere from $20-$150 and are generally covered by insurance. Contact your insurance provider if you have any questions or concerns.

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Walmart a good place to buy glasses

Walmart is a good place to buy glasses. They have great prices, and are the only “big-box” store that makes it easy for customers make any change to their order.

Walmart having progressive lenses

Yes, Walmart sells progressive lenses in their optical department. All you need to do is visit your local store, fill out an eye exam form, and walk away with new glasses.

Owner of Walmart optical

Owner of Walmart optical

Walmart optical is owned by Walmart with brick and mortar stores within the boundaries of all 50 states, Washington D.C, Puerto Rico and other territories.

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Is Walmart or Costco better for glasses?

There are pros and cons to both of them. Costco has a better selection of glasses, with the option to try on a few different pairs and buy various color options. Walmart does not have as big of a selection, but it does have an option for you to buy in bulk if you were interested in going that route.



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