Does Walmart take Samsung pay?

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Yes, Walmart takes Samsung Pay. For using Samsung Pay, you need to have an eligible credit card that is linked to your Samsung account and add it in the Samsung Pay app. You can use Samsung pay to make purchases at the cash register and on Walmart’s app.

How to Use Samsung pay at Walmart

Does Walmart take Samsung pay?

  • If you shop at the Walmart store, then you can use Samsung Pay to pay for your purchases.
  • The service is available in selected locations, but all of the major ones accept Samsung Pay as a payments.

Tapping your phone to pay at Walmart

you can tap your phone to pay at Walmart. Use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay to be automatically verified and make a purchase without having to swipe, sign or insert a new credit card.

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Walmart having NFC pay

They do have NFC pay. It’s called Walmart pay and you can link your account/credit cards through their app.

Walmart accepting digital wallet

Walmart accepts digital wallet. At Walmart, you can pay digitally with your smartphone through various apps. Also, you can use a Visa gift card to make purchases via the Upfront app. The retailer has also been testing Apple Pay with select stores since early 2018.

Using scan and go at Walmart

Using scan and go at Walmart

Simply scan the items you wish to purchase with the app and then choose “checkout.” After entering your payment information, you can walk through our self-checkout line or drive-through lane. The cashier will just scan your receipt at the end of your transaction.

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Walmart charging for scan and go

Walmart is charging for scan and go in some locations to help reduce theft. The company says the scanning feature has reduced theft by more than 75% in stores that have the service.

Walmart having scan and go on app

Walmart does not offer scan and go on app, but instead they offer a shopping list. This is one of the most convenient ways to shop at Walmart because you can add things to your cart while you are in line.

Using Samsung pay at Walmart

Using Samsung pay at Walmart

Samsung Pay is now accepted at Walmart. Just bring your Galaxy S10, S10+ or Galaxy Note 9 to a Walmart register and pay with your phone like you would with a credit or debit card.

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Accepted payments at Walmart

Accepted payments at Walmart. Accepted payments at Walmart include: American Express, Discover, Visa and MasterCard.

How to Use Samsung pay at Walmart

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