Does Walmart take passport photos?

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The most common question asked to me in my blog is: “ Does Walmart take passport photos?”. This article will address the issue and hopefully will be helpful for you. The answer to the question comes in two parts. Before we look into if Walmart does passport photos, let’s first understand what a passport photo is.

Does Walmart do passport photos?

Does Walmart take passport photos?

  • Walmart does take passport photos.
  • You can get your passport photo taken at any Walmart photo center or online.

Getting your pictures taken at Walmart

You may take pictures in our stores. However, it is important to remember that some stores have restrictions on photography and video recording. So before you start snapping pics, be sure to check for any signs in or around the store explaining photo/video restrictions.

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The amount that it costs to get pictures taken at Walmart

There are two types of pictures you can get taken at Walmart: portraits and passport photos. In general, it’s going to cost you less than $15 for a single-person portrait. The cost of passport photos varies depending on the state in which you live, but they average around $10 plus tax.

Print 2×2 photos at Walmart

You can print 2×2 photos at Walmart using your own printer or using our Kodak photo machines. The Kodak machines are available in the photo center near the front of all Walmart stores and feature a touchscreen display for easy photo printing.

Using Walmart passport photo tool

Using the Walmart passport photo tool

Using our Walmart passport photo tool is super simple. You’ll have to upload or take a new headshot photo, enter your name and birth date, follow the directions to position yourself properly, and snap at least 4 photos of yourself. Our tool will then crop and resize your images to the correct passport dimensions, optimize the lighting in the image

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Walmart’s 1 Hour photo

Walmart’s 1-Hour Photo service is a fast and convenient way to print photos. Whether you are in the store or at home, order online or instantly upload your pictures for same-day pick up at any Walmart store.

Connecting to Walmart photo kiosk

You can connect with the Walmart photo kiosk by following these steps: Connect your phone to the internet Via 4G LTE, use a hotspot, or connect through WiFi Unplug your phone from data if you need to use the app Offline mode is not enabled for Walmart photo kiosks

The site to store mean at Walmart for photos

The site to store means at Walmart for photos

Site-to-store means you can order your photos online at and then either pick them up at the store or get them delivered straight to your door.

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Printing documents from your phone at Walmart

You can print documents from your phone at any Walmart store using the Digital Initiatives document printing service. Your documents will be sent to a nearby store for printing, where you pick them up after an hour and a half or so.

Walmart takes passport photos in Canada

Walmart does take passport photos in Canada. Walmart offers a photo booth that you can use to get your passport photos taken.

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