Does Walmart sell scrubs?

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Are you looking for scrubs and thought to yourself that does Walmart have any? no need to worry the answer of your question is Yes, Walmart sells scrubs. They are actually part of their “Activewear” category. They have a wide selection of both medical and non medical scrub tops and bottoms for both men and women. You can also look for them in the medical supplies department of your local Walmart store.

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Does Walmart sell scrubs?

  • Walmart carries a wide selection of scrubs in many styles, colors and sizes.
  • Just go to this link to learn more:
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Knowing what size of scrub to get

Test for fit. It is recommended that you first try a scrub on that has been sized to fit your body. If it feels too big or tight, try one size down from your normal size.

Brands that sell scrubs

A wide selection of brands sell scrubs, including Cintas, Medelco, Cherokee Uniforms, Dickies and more.

Kohl’s carrying medical scrubs

Kohl’s carries a full line of medical scrubs. These scrubs are offered in several different styles and sizes so it’s easy to find something that fits your body type just right.

The most comfortable scrubs

The most comfortable scrubs

The most comfortable scrub tops are made with a premium knit that is comfy, durable and gentle on the skin. Stretchy scrubs not only allow for better range of motion, but they also prevent binding which causes discomfort and irritation.

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How many scrubs should I own?

You’re going to want more than one scrub to switch up your look and keep your skin happy. After all, a well hydrated complexion is the key to healthy, glowing skin.

Looking cute in scrubs

Looking cute in nursing scrubs is all about the details. You can keep your style simple and flattering with a solid set of scrubs, or celebrate being a nurse by adding graphics, fun colors and patterns to your outfit

Sizing up or down for scrubs

Sizing up or down for scrubs

When looking for scrubs, it’s a good idea to size up from what you would typically wear. Since the elastic waist on scrubs has more give and most can be pulled on without taking off shoes, a size larger is usually the best bet.

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Wearing pants under scrubs

For some, wearing pants under scrubs is a no-brainer. But for others, it’s an either/or proposition. It all depends on what you’re used to and what works best for you


Bougie on a Budget | Watch this before spending money on expensive scrubs | Nurses must watch

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