Does Walmart sell cigarettes?

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  • Yes, Walmart sells cigarettes.
  • But only in some stores in the US, as well as parts of Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec).
  • Currently, there are no cigarette ads visible on or any other channel.

Walmart plans to stop selling cigarettes in some stores

People Also Asked:

Does Walmart Canada sell cigarettes?

Yes, Walmart Canada does sell cigarettes. However, in some provinces it is required to sell cigarettes in a designated area of the store such as behind the checkout counter or in a separate convenience store called “Tobacco Express”.

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Does Walmart sell tobacco in California?

Yes. While Walmart does not sell tobacco in California, a number of their affiliated Sam’s Clubs do.

Why is Walmart not selling cigarettes?

To protect public health, they do not offer cigarettes in their stores.

Does Walmart deliver cigarettes?

Does Walmart deliver cigarettes?

Yes, Walmart does deliver cigarettes. They offer the best prices on all your favorite cigarette brands, from Marlboro to Camel. You can also order cigars and electronic cigarette refills from

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How can I buy cigarettes at Walmart?

Walmart prices cigarettes the same as all other major retailers. The best way to purchase cigarettes at Walmart is to use their self-serve checkout and then scan the tobacco products.

Does Walmart in Florida sell cigarettes?

Yes, Walmart in Florida does sell cigarettes. Many Walmart locations also offer store credit cards, so you can buy everything from groceries to gas at any one of their nearby stores.

Does Walmart sell tobacco in Florida?

Does Walmart sell tobacco in Florida?

Walmart sells tobacco in Florida. In fact, all of the superstores listed also source cigars and loose pipe tobacco.

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Does Walmart sell gambler tobacco?

You can get gambler tobacco at Walmart, though it depends on what type of gambler tobacco you want.

Does Walmart sell bugler?

Yes, Walmart sells Bugler. Bugler is a brand of chewing tobacco

Walmart plans to stop selling cigarettes in some stores

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