Does Walmart sell boxes?

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Walmart sells boxes, you can use these boxes to pack materials. When you purchase their products, or if you are returning an item, they do not provide boxes because they only have so many. If you need boxes to pack your stuff and for shipment purposes, Walmart has a good selection of those as well.

Walmart employee throwing boxes into aisle

Does Walmart sell boxes?

  • You can find boxes at
  • and they have a variety of sizes and styles you can choose from.
  • They have small and medium sized moving boxes, heavy duty moving boxes, shoe boxes, crate boxes and ribbons.

Asking for boxes at Walmart

You can contact your local store’s customer service to request a Go Green box. The box will be sent out as soon as they’re available.

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Walmart packages coming in Walmart boxes

If you purchase a product from Walmart, it will come in a Walmart box. In most cases, if you purchase an item that is shrink-wrapped, the item will also be shrink-wrapped on arrival so as not to damage it during shipping.

Amazon package come in a Walmart box

Sometimes, Amazon has to ship your packages through a third party like UPS or FedEx, and the packaging will vary depending on what is available during your delivery date. However, if your package was shipped by the post office it will come in an Amazon shipping box.

Amazon delivering stuff from Walmart

Amazon delivering stuff from Walmart

Amazon does deliver stuff from Walmart and other brands. The range of products that it sells varies over time and varies based on what you’re looking for.

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Walmart shipping packages

Walmart ships packages in a variety of ways. Depending on the item and location, items may be shipped by Walmart, an independent shipping company or in Self-Service. We also offer free pickup at your local Walmart store.

Getting free boxes at Sam’s Club

You can get free boxes at Sam’s Club. The first step is getting a membership card and signing up for an account. After that, you can print out a price sheet with the exact dimensions of each box type and then get as many boxes as you need.

Get free shipping from Walmart

Get free shipping from Walmart

There are a few ways to get free shipping from Walmart. The easiest is to sign up for Savings Catcher and buy using one of the many Walmart credit cards.

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What does Walmart do with their boxes?

Walmart recycles or reuses its shipping containers. Walmart is committed to reducing packaging waste, which includes the store’s corrugated boxes. Walmart sends these boxes to recycling centers or repurposes them as signs in their stores.


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