Does Walmart price match with Amazon?

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Walmart does not automatically price match with Amazon. But, the company does match the price of local competitors. Walmart also offers customers a lower price guarantee for items found on other websites by just clicking “lower prices than Walmart” on the price comparison websites. All of it depends on your location and the size of the item being purchased, you may also be able to ask at customer service if they can meet or beat an online price.


This retailer will price match Amazon, Walmart and more

Does Walmart price match with Amazon?

  • You must compare the price on’s website with that of an eligible retailer like Amazon before your purchase and make sure the item is the same brand and size.
  • You can then show your receipt at a nearby Walmart store for a refund

Getting Walmart to price match

You can use Walmart’s price matching policy to make sure you’re getting the best deal on anything in the store. Walmart will match local competitors’ advertised prices, plus shipping when applicable. All purchases must be made online or in-store at physical Walmart locations.

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Websites that Walmart price match with

Walmart will price match with a number of large retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Target and more. To get the best deals you’ll need to enroll in Walmart’s Savings Catcher program.

Walmart stopping price matching

They stopped our price matching policy on December 12th, 2018. Since then, we have introduced a new program called Markdowns & Specials. This new program allows our customers to enjoy special savings every day on select products that are already marked down.

Walmart price matching system

Walmart price matching system

Walmart price matching policy is slightly different from other retailers, but it does offer a decent price matching policy that is easy to take advantage of. It doesn’t charge extra for price matching and there are no requirements as to how far in advance you can do it.

Walmart price matching Costco

You can price match Walmart with Costco. All you have to do is present your grocery receipt from Costco at the customer service desk inside your local Walmart, and ask them to price match your items. The prices will be matched on a one-to-one basis as long as the products are sold at their usual cost at both stores.

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Walmart doing price match with Target

Walmart will price match with Target. As long as both items are identical, you can get the lower price. Savings are for in-store use only, and Walmart does not price match all items or products.

Walmart price match Sam's Club

Walmart price match Sam’s Club

Walmart will price match Sam’s Club. You need to call the store and tell them about what you found for a lower price at They will then honor that price by adjusting the discount in store or giving you cash back.

Which is cheaper Walmart or Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club is generally cheaper, but it’s very size dependent. Sam’s Club locales average around 150,000 square feet, while Walmart Supercenters are 160,000 to 180,000 square feet. Those extra 20,000 square feet of store space can mean an extra few hundred thousand dollars of merchandise for Walmart every year.

Walmart’s savings catcher

Walmart has discontinued savings catcher. If you have an account, you can login and transfer your money into a new account.

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Walmart’s prices so low

Walmart’s prices are so low because of they are supply chain, which includes driving down costs at every stage of production.

Walmart’s price adjustment policy

Walmart’s price adjustment policy lets you receive a refund when an item drops in price within 90 days of purchase, or exchange an item for another one if it goes on sale within seven days.

Walmart price match if price drops

Walmart price matches just like other stores. You can match any local store’s advertised price when you shop at Walmart. The advertisement must be a local ad that runs in your area. If you have a local store advertisement, present the ad to the cashier at checkout time.

Walmart have different prices for the same product

You’ll notice that has different prices for the same product, depending on where you live. You can usually save more by shopping in your local store or at a Sam’s Club since they sometimes sell their products at lower prices than they do online.


How to Price Match Amazon at Walmart!

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