Does Walmart have smash cakes?

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If you want to celebrate your energetic and messy one year old buying them a smash cake would be a great idea. Smash cakes are the best present for your kid to have fun being messy and eating a delicious cake. If you wonder that Walmart have any smash cakes the answer of this question is Yes! Walmart does have smash cakes but you can only get them in store, so you’ll need to place your order on their website or visit your local Walmart store.

TikTok Is Not Surprised By This Walmart Bakery Truth

Does Walmart have smash cakes?

  • Walmart offers smash cakes and other sizes of cake sheets that you desire.
  • They are great at making cookies and other baked goods.
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Walmart doing free smash cakes

Walmart does not do free smash cakes. Walmart does offer a way to get a free 6-inch cake however. You run a $10 rebate, plus they will give you $1 off an edible image in the bakery department.

Sam’s Club doing free smash cakes

Sam’s Club does not offer free smash cakes, but if you purchase it from the store, they will provide a cake assortment for an additional fee of $2.99 per person.

Cakes that are best for cake smash

For cake smash sessions, we recommend a multi-layer cake. We also allow you to design the cake so it aligns with your baby’s interests and feel free to include all of his/her favorite foods!

Size of a typical smash cake

Size of a typical smash cake

The size of a typical smash cake is about 6 inches in diameter. The size and shape depends on the design of the cake, but it always has to fit on the little one’s face!

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The point of a smash cake

The point of the smash cake is to document a milestone moment in your child’s life. They’ll love being able to see themselves in their very own cake!

The difference between a smash cake and regular cake

The difference between a smash cake and regular cake is that with a smash cake, your child gets to participate in the cake-eating experience, which can be messy and fun! A regular cake just gets blown out.

Baby eating cake on their first birthday

Baby eating cake on their first birthday

Babies can eat cake on their first birthday. It’s a tradition that dates back to the late 19th century, when Queen Victoria made birthdays a national holiday in Britain. The actual date of a baby’s first birthday varies by country – in the U.S., it’s considered to be the day when a child turns one year old.

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Smash cakes ingredients

Smash cakes are made out of pureed berries, pureed fruits and even cake batter. Each smash cake is unique with varied colors and flavors.

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