Does Walmart have a coinstar?

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  • Yes, Walmart does have a coinstar at most of their stores.
  • For finding the stores with coinstars check The list of stores with a coinstar, here:
  • Walmart Coinstar service is a simple and safe way to change your coins into cash at any participating Walmart store.
  • You can redeem as little as $0.25 without a service fee.

Using The Coinstar Machine!

People Also Asked:

How much does Walmart coin machine charge?

The Walmart coin machine charges a fee of $0.55 per transaction, whether you are buying or returning coins to your account.

How do I cash my coins at Walmart?

You can cash your coins at Walmart with Coinstar kiosks. There’s no limit on how much you can cash or how often you can cash, but please note that all sales will be taxed, and may vary by store.

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Where can I cash out coins for free?

You can cash out coins at any of our coin vending locations. Go to for more information about how it works.

How do I avoid Coinstar fees?

How do I avoid Coinstar fees?

You can opt to redeem your coins at any store that accepts them. Many grocery stores accept cash back on their purchases.

How accurate are Coinstar machines?

Coinstar machines are accurate to the penny. If you find that your coins don’t add up to the amount as advertised, you can request a refund for the difference.

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Is there an alternative to Coinstar?

Coinstar is the number 1 coin counter in the United States. Coinstar’s service allows you to collect your coins and redeem it for cash or credit in a bulk amount.

How do you use a Coinstar kiosk?

How do you use a Coinstar kiosk?

To use a Coinstar kiosk, first slide your coins into the top slot. This feeds them into the machine, where they are counted and stored; place a cup on the counter, then press Redeem Bulk Cash. Within seconds, you’ll see your cash in your hands!

Should I use Coinstar?

Coinstar gets mixed reviews from consumers. While some say the company has fees on their coin exchange program, others point out that Coinsstar is easy to use and gives you a chance to turn your change into cash or gift cards with no extra effort.

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How much will Coinstar pay for gift cards?

Coinstar is a popular service that offers value for your unwanted gift cards. Coinstar pays out cash, or a cash equivalent, for gift cards to over 200 retailers, including Amazon and Walmart. How much you can cash out depends on the gift card.

Can you get quarters from Coinstar?

Yes, you can get quarters from Coinstar. Using the Coinstar app on your phone, you’ll be able to deposit your rolls into a Coinstar kiosk and receive cash in exchange.

Using The Coinstar Machine! Tips And Tricks!

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