does walmart have a coin machine?

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Do you have old coins and bills that you want to get rid off? If so, this guide is for you. This post’s aim is to answer a question often asked: “how can you turn old coins into cash at Walmart?”

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Does Walmart have a coin machine?

  • Yes, Walmart does have a coin machine.
  • Just head to your local Walmart store and ask one of their employees where it is located.
  • The machines are usually located at the checkouts, or inside the door of an entrance.
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Charge of the coin machine at Walmart

The coin machine at Walmart charges .25 cents to .50 cents per play, depending on the size of your game.

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Cashing coins at Walmart

You can cash your coins at Walmart. They will take coins that are in any shape and give the highest amount of money possible for the value of what you’ve brought them. Check out their policy on the Walmart website for more information.

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Function of the coin machine at Walmart

When you’re shopping in-store, you can insert a couple of coins and get change anywhere in the store, including the front registers. The coin machine accepts $1, $5 and $10 coins. 

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