Does Walmart fix holes in tires?

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  • Yes, Walmart does fix tires.
  • For tire repair or replacement, you’ll need to bring your car or vehicle to a Walmart store.
  • You won’t need an appointment, but you should work with the customer service staff beforehand to ensure that your vehicle is ready for service on the day or at the time that you choose.

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People Also Asked:

Will Walmart change a tire with Fix A Flat in it?

Yes, Walmart will change a tire with Fix A Flat in it. In fact, they may even have someone on-hand that specializes in Fix A Flat.

How much does Walmart charge for tire repair?

Walmart offers tire repair services at a price of $19.99, as well as a $5 warranty on all repair work. The store offers tire installation, replacement and tube replacement services

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Does Walmart install tires bought elsewhere?

Walmart offers car tires and installation services at many of its stores nationwide. It is important to ensure that the tire size matches your car, however, because tires bought outside of Walmart cannot be installed there.

How much is Walmart tire installation?

How much is Walmart tire installation?

Walmart tire installation services are available nationwide. Tire installation fees vary by location and the type of tire you need installed. Simply check out online to see the most up-to-date pricing, or visit your local store.

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What is Walmart’s tire policy?

Walmart’s tire policy allows customers to buy tires after they’re mounted and balanced. If a paid-for tire needs to be replaced or repaired, Walmart will put it on for free. You’ll also get a free oil change with every set of tires purchased from Walmart.

Are Walmart tires cheaper quality?

Walmart tires are known for their cheap price and good quality. The price of a tire can depend on what vehicle it’s going to be used on and the size of the tire.

Does Walmart replace tire sensors?

Does Walmart replace tire sensors?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not replace tire sensors. You can find replacement tires at Walmart but will have to buy them separately. Please feel free to contact them at customer service with any other questions or concerns.

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How much is Walmart tire mounting and balancing?

If you’re wondering how much is Walmart tire mounting and balancing, the answer is free. While not all Walmart stores offer free tire mountings, almost every Walmart store has a Tire Center where customers can get their tires mounted and balanced for free.

How much does a tune up cost at Walmart?

A tune up at Walmart can cost anywhere from $29.96 (tune up, oil change, and inspection) to $59.00 depending on the vehicle.

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