Does Walmart do wheel alignments?

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If you want to do wheel alignments and wondered if Walmart will do wheel alignments? I will answer your questions depending on their location and inventory If a local Walmart does not have the necessary equipment, then it cannot do wheel alignments. But sometimes they do then follow me for more info.

Never Bring Your Car to Walmart

Does Walmart do wheel alignments?

  • Walmart does wheel alignments through their AutoCare services, which is available at most of Walmart stores.
  • The cost is different depending on the store and the services offered, but it should be under $100.

A tire balance and alignment cost in Walmart

The price of a tire balance and alignment from Walmart varies depending on the car. For example, a Volvo S60 costs $107 while a Toyota Corolla only costs $37. However, all services are performed at the same time so its good to ask how soon you need to pick-up your vehicle afterward.

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Walmart charge for a front end alignment

The price for a front end alignment at Walmart varies by location. The average cost of a front end alignment costs around $100.

Sam’s Club doing alignments on cars

Unfortunately, Sam’s Club does not offer alignments on cars. However, we do sell new and used tires and wheels, including rims that are specifically designed for car alignment purposes.

Will Walmart install tires purchased elsewhere?

Will Walmart install tires purchased elsewhere?

Walmart can install tires purchased elsewhere. You just need to bring them in for installation and they will get it done on your scheduled appointment. You can bring in up to 5 tires at once, which will be installed as a full set, or individually as needed.

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Walmart doing brake changes

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is not known for being a huge auto parts chain. But it does do brake repairs if you bring your car in to any of its stores.

If you buy tires from Walmart they install them for free

When you buy tires from Walmart, they install your tires for free. Just schedule an appointment and they’ll come to your home or work and install the tires.

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Walmart tires are reliable

Walmart tires are reliable. They are tested and checked to make sure they can provide superior performance in many different driving conditions. And if any problems arise with your tires while they’re still covered by their warranty

A pit crew oil Change at Walmart

A pit crew oil Change is where Walmart employees come to your car and change your oil. They hook up a hose and pump out the old oil, then add fresh new oil and recycle the old oil. It’s fast, affordable, and convenient!

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