Does Walmart do price match?

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  • Yes, Walmart does price match.
  • You can find the policy by visiting
  • If you find a lower advertised price, they are ready to match that price no questions asked.


People Also Asked:

Does Walmart actually price match?

Walmart does price match, but only with certain retailers. You’ll need to go through the process to see if it’s accepted for your purchase.

How do I price match on Walmart com?

  • You can price match on Walmart com by going to your cart and scrolling down to “Price Match Guarantee”.
  • Then enter the title of your web search in the search field at the top, followed by a blank field where you can enter the item number.
  • Next, select whether it is an online competitor or local store near you
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Did Walmart stop doing price matching?

No, Walmart didn’t stop doing price matching. They just changed the procedure and made it more difficult to match prices

Will Walmart match Amazon prices?

Will Walmart match Amazon prices?

Walmart will match the price of any other local retailer when you take your original UPC code and receipt to a Walmart store.

What stores does Walmart price match?

Walmart price matches select online retailers, such as Amazon, Target, Walgreens and more. Keep in mind though that not all competitors are eligible.

Does Walgreens price match Walmart?

Walgreens does price match Walmart, but there are a few limitations on what kinds of items can be price-matched. It’s not just limited to Walgreens products. If you find an item cheaper somewhere else, you can bring it into a local store and get the lower price matched.

Does Walmart price match Bogo deals?

Does Walmart price match Bogo deals?

Walmart does price match Bogo deals! You will need to make sure that both stores have the same item in stock. Just go to the customer service desk and show them the lower price. They will adjust your total on your receipt, and you’re all set!

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Does Macy’s price match Walmart?

Macy’s does price match Walmart, but it’s only for certain items. If you’re ready to purchase from Macy’s, you can get a better deal by keeping your eye out for special promotions.

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Does Walmart price match Hobby Lobby?

Walmart does price match many online retailers, including Hobby Lobby.

Does Office Depot price match Walmart?

Office Depot will match local competitor prices on all products, including national and regional brand items, new and refurbished merchandise. See the Price Guarantee policy for more details.

Will Walmart price match Sam’s?

Walmart will price match Sam’s Club. However, they do not price match the following: Electronics – Office Depot, Staples and may other stores. Appliances – Home Depot, Lowes and many more. Gasoline – Service Centers and other competition. Gift Cards – Only in-store purchases.


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