Does Walmart change spark plugs?

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Did you know that Walmart offers basic Tune-Ups and spark plug maintenance? Whether your vehicle runs smoothly and you want to keep it that way, or you’re experiencing problems such as engine misfire and hesitation, won’t start or won’t stay running, a Walmart Service Center can help!

Never Bring Your Car to Walmart

Does Walmart change spark plugs?

  • Walmart offers spark plugs for a variety of vehicles, with no appointment needed.
  • Their certified mechanics will change your damaged plug, install a brand new one and have you back on the road in no time.

Cost of a tune up at Walmart

You might pay $30 to $50 for a tune-up at Walmart, depending on your car’s make and model.

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Walmart doing fuel filter change

Walmart does fuel filter change. However, it’s not very common unless there are issues with it. Typically truck drivers will just do it themselves if something is wrong but for the most part you should be able to get a fuel filter changed at any Walmart store.

Cost of an oil change at Walmart

The cost of an oil change at Walmart varies. Their pricing may depend on the type of oil used, the car’s horsepower, and how much work is done when you get your oil changed at one of their stores or service centers.

Walmart replacing brake rotors

Walmart replacing brake rotors

Walmart does offer brake rotor replacement. This is something we do regularly to all of the vehicles that come through their service center. It is recommend having your brake rotors checked every 15,000 miles for rust and cracks.

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Walmart doing full synthetic oil changes

You can find the oil change schedule at Walmart on their website. It’s under your “My Account” page, or on their app. You need to provide your email and password because this will store your info for future use, which is really handy!

Time it take for Walmart to do an oil change

At Walmart, oil changes take an average of 30 minutes. However, please remember that while their stores are always open, there may be times when the service department is busy. So we recommend scheduling an appointment to help ensure your wait time will be less than 15 minutes.

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Walmart charge to change a battery

Walmart charges $19.99 to change a battery. Use the Store Locator tool above or visit your local Walmart store to get more information on the service offered.

Walmart doing transmission fluid change

Walmart does not currently offer transmission fluid changes. However, their associates are trained mechanics who can be very helpful when it comes to diagnosing the problem with your car. However, they will probably not do any actual repairs themselves and will refer you to a mechanic instead.

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