Does Walmart accept WIC?

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  • Walmart does accept the WIC program,
  • But Walmart does not accept WIC coupons.
  • You must speak with your local store and visit their Customer Service Desk for more information.
  • You can also find a list of Walmart stores that accept WIC at the link below:

Big WIC Walmart Grocery Haul!

People Also Asked:

Where can I pay with WIC online?

You can pay with WIC online on participating vendors’ websites. This includes major e-tailers and local retailers that accept WIC.

Does Walmart take WIC in CT?

Walmart does take the WIC program in Connecticut, though you cannot use your WIC card to purchase electronic equipment from the store.

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What can you get with WIC in Louisiana’s Walmart?

There are a lot of healthy and delicious options to choose from in Louisiana’s Walmart. With WIC, you can get some fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, eggs, baby food and formula — all right at Walmart!

Does Walmart take WIC in MA?

Does Walmart take WIC in MA?

Walmart does take WIC in MA. If you have a WIC card but haven’t registered it with Walmart yet, you can do that online or in-person at your local store.

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What do you get with WIC in Massachusetts’s Walmart?

WIC in Massachusetts’s Walmart makes it easy and affordable to get the nutrition your family needs to lead healthy lives. Whether you’re looking for healthy food options or have questions about purchasing WIC foods and products.

Does Walmart take WIC NYC?

Whether you are in NYC or elsewhere, all Walmart stores accept WIC. Any store can take WIC, even if the nearest Walmart is a bit of a walk away.

Can you use WIC on for formula?

Can you use WIC on for formula?

Yes, you can use WIC on for formula. Simply visit the Walmart Customer Service Center to confirm eligibility and then select the WIC Weekly Allowance option under Billing Information when checking out.

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How do I add a WIC card to my Walmart App?

To add a WIC card to your Walmart app, first create a user profile. Once you’ve completed the registration process, click the “Add Specialty Cards” button at the top of the screen and select “Healthy Food on WIC.” After adding your information, you can order eligible items right from your phone.


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