Does TikTok tell you when someone shares your video?

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Does TikTok tell you when someone shares your video? Does TikTok tell you when someone is replaying your video on loop? What’s the best way to share videos on TikTok? In this post, I’m going to give you answers to all these questions.

Does TikTok tell you who shared your video?

Does TikTok tell you when someone shares your video?

  • I’m sorry to tell you, but TikTok won’t tell you when someone shares your video.
  • That’s a bummer because it would definitely be an awesome feature to have.
  • On TikTok, you can only see views, likes, and comments on your video.

People Also Asked:

TikTok telling who shared your video

No, TikTok does not tell you who shared your video.

When you share a video on TikTok

If you share a video on TikTok, the video creator won’t get any notifications about it.

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Who viewed your profile on TikTok

TikTok will tell you who viewed your profile, but to do so you must turn on your profile view history from the settings menu.

Seeing reposted Tiktoks

Seeing reposted Tiktoks

Only users who follow you can see your reposted Tiktoks.

Repost other people’s videos on TikTok

You can repost other people’s videos on TikTok. To repost a video, the person who originally posted the video must have either liked or followed you before you repost it, or else they will be notified that you’re reposting their video. 

I Cant see reposts on TikTok?

The reason you can’t see reposts is that the creator of the video has used a privacy setting to turn it off. This can be changed at any time from their settings.

Good or bad to repost on TikTok

Good or bad to repost on TikTok

It’s not bad to repost on TikTok. You can find more people to follow by reposting other people’s videos and following them back. Reposting other people’s videos is one way to build up your online following and drive views towards your own content.

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The repost button do on TikTok

The repost button on TikTok allows you to share someone’s video with your friends on TikTok.

If someone screen records your TikTok

Unfortunately, you can’t see if someone screen records your TikTok. 

Can’t see who viewed TikTok profile

Usually, you can see who viewed your TikTok profile. However, if you don’t see a “Viewers” section under “Following,” this means you haven’t turned the feature on.

Counts as a share on TikTok

Shares show how many times someone has shared your video. If a friend shared your video on TikTok, that counts as a share.

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1000 views TikTok

1000 views on TikTok is generally considered to be a good number of views. The more views you get the more popular you will be on TikTok and, thus, the more people will follow you.

Getting more followers TikTok

Getting more followers on TikTok means going out and making content, or being social in the app. If you want to reach more people by sharing your original content, then you can start by posting more often. Similar to posting regularly on any social media platform, it helps establish you as a person that’s worth following.

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