Does the Life360 app cost money?

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  • Yes, Life360 is free.
  • You don’t have to pay a single cent to download and use it.
  • However, Life360 offers three paid memberships: Life360 Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each of which entitles you to a greater number of features and advantages.

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Is Life360 app free?

Yes, there is no service fee for the basic application. If you want extra features, you can sign up for Gold or Platinum plans that give you a family discount and unlimited location sharing.

How much does it cost to use Life360?

Here’s how much things cost: Silver membership costs $7.99 per month, our Gold membership costs $14.99 per month, and our Platinum membership costs $24.99 per month.

Is it worth paying for Life360?

By paying for the yearly service you get unlimited usage and access to their family locator function. It’s easy to use and set up, with helpful features such as geo-fencing, speed alerts, and notifications when someone enters or leaves a designated area. The premium plan also includes backup contacts in case your phone dies while away from home.

Does Life360 app drain your battery?

Does Life360 app drain your battery?

The Life360 app drains your battery. It shows everyone in your family or circle where you are and what you are doing right now. And if you don’t like it, there is no way to turn it off unless you close the app completely and restart it again.

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Can Life360 track you if your phone is off?

You can’t be tracked if your phone is off, and nobody else can track you without your permission. Life360 will not be able to track you further than your current location if your GPS signal is unavailable.

How do I get rid of Life360 without my parents knowing?

If you want to get rid of Life360 without your parents knowing, simply go to the Settings menu and select “Privacy.” Then select “Delete Account Info.” This will erase login information including email addresses and phone numbers you have entered as well as your general location info.

How much is Life360 a month?

How much is Life360 a month?

Life360 is currently offered in three subscription plans. The Silver membership costs $7.99 per month, our Gold membership costs $14.99 per month, and our Platinum membership costs $24.99 per month.

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What are the cons of Life360?

Life360 has a few downsides. Some cons of Life360 are that the app is not integrated with Google or Apple Maps and it doesn’t have an Uber integration either. You may also have to pay for extra premium features if you want to see who’s been driving your kids around in the car.

Is there a free tracking app?

Life360 is a free family locator app that lets you know where your family and friends are, as well as provides real-time notifications about their safety.

What is the difference between family 360 and Life360?

There are a couple of differences between Family360 and Life360. In general, Family360 is the original app from Life360, and has additional features such as Parental Control and Home Monitor.

How does Life360 make money?

Life360 makes money from paid subscriptions. The app is free to use, but we have several paid subscription options that have additional features and capabilities.

Is there a free app to locate family?

Life360 is your best option if you want to locate family or friends. It is a free app that allows you to view their locations and track each other by location via the map. These are just some of the features included with Life360.

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Does Life360 steal data?

No, Life360 does not steal or sell any of your private data.

Is Life360 free on iPhone?

Yes, Life360 is free on iPhone. Head to App Store and download it today.

Can Life360 track text messages?

Life360 can’t track text messages. Life360 is an app that lets you know where your family and friends are in real-time. We do not have access to your text messages—we only use our GPS technology so that you can see a map of their location as well as driving directions from one place to another.

Why you should stop using Life360?

One of the biggest ones is that it tracks your location and stores this information on their servers indefinitely. This can be a security issue for some people, especially if you intend to use the mobile application personally. 

Why You Should STOP Using Life360!

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