Does Telegram notify when you save a photo?

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  • Fortunately, No.
  • Telegram will not notify the other person that you have saved a photo.
  • And yes, it will appear in your gallery but no one else will see it.

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People Also Asked:

Does Telegram notify when you screen record?

Yes, Telegram does notify when you screen record.

Does Telegram notify when you delete a message?

Telegram does not notify when you delete a message. Once you delete a message, it is gone. If you want to keep a copy of the message in a certain group, you can forward the message: right-click on the message and choose Forward.

Who saved my Telegram profile picture?

You can not find out from telegram who saved your profile picture. It does not have a direct option that enables people to see who checked their profile picture.

Does telegram save to camera roll?

Does telegram save to camera roll?

Yes, telegram saves to camera roll. You can see any photos you receive by tapping the Save Image button in your messenger chat.

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Does Telegram notify your contacts when you join?

Yes, Telegram notifies all of your contacts when you join and lets them see a brief summary of who you are. You can also choose to let people know that you’ve joined by sending them a message or sharing it on social media.

How to save a Telegram profile picture on iPhone?

To save a profile picture on Telegram on iPhone, go to the profile page of your contact and click on the picture. This will automatically download the file to your phone.

Is there a Telegram screenshot bot?

Is there a Telegram screenshot bot?

Yes, there is a Telegram screenshot bot. You can find it here: @ScreenShot Bot

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Is there any way to add a to Telegram profile picture privacy?

To protect your privacy, you can choose to limit who can see your profile picture. Simply go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Profile Photos, then select My Contacts from the drop-down list on the following page.

Is there a Telegram download notification?

Yes, there is a Telegram download notification icon in the Google Play Store.

What is a secret chat on Telegram?

What is a secret chat on Telegram?

A secret chat on Telegram is a type of secure communication that enables you to exchange messages with other users in an encrypted form. When you send a message, it is no longer visible on both sides of the conversation, but instead only to the parties involved. 

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How to see hidden Telegram profile picture?

There’s no way to see hidden Telegram profile pictures. And there is no feature which can help us.

Is Telegram safe to use?

Telegram is a messenger app made for people. It is an open source and encrypted messaging service. In fact, it is one of the most secure messaging apps out there. It is because Telegram uses end-to-end encryption through a protocol called MTProto.

Is Telegram Banned in Iran?

Telegram was officially blocked by the Iranian government in 2018. The company’s founder Pavel Durov posted a message on Twitter welcoming the censors to ban his messenger, deeming it “freedom and privacy matters above all else”.

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