Does Shein ship to Italy?

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  • Yes, Shein ships orders to most Europe countries, including Italy.
  • It takes between 1 to 2 weeks to deliver the order to your door.
  • Also, Shein has an Italian online store that you can check for more info:


People Also Asked:

How long does Shein take to ship to Italy?

Shein usually takes 1 to 2 weeks to ship to Italy.

How much is Shein shipping to Italy?

Shein’s shipping to Italy starts at $1.8, and can be paid for in USD.

Can I order from Shein in Europe?

Yes, you can order from Shein when you are in Europe. We ship to the UK and all over Europe, so go crazy!

Does Shein do cash on delivery in Italy?

Does Shein do cash on delivery in Italy?

Shein does cash on delivery in Italy, but the minimum order amount is 10 euros.

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What courier does SHEIN use in Italy?

Shein uses DHL for delivery in Italy, including Milan and Rome.

How long do SHEIN orders take?

Orders from SHEIN typically take up to 10 business days. Standard shipping takes 2 – 3 days to the US and Canada, 10 – 15 business days to UK, France, Germany and Australia.

Does Shein deliver everywhere?

Does Shein deliver everywhere?

Shein delivers worldwide, with delivery taking around 5-7 business days depending on the country.

Does Shein use child labor?

Shein does not use child labor. Shein makes its clothes in China, but each factory it uses has been carefully vetted by our team and inspected regularly. We verify the company’s compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, including those relating to the use of child workers.

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Are Shein clothes good?

Yes, Shein clothes are good. Shein is a great online site for affordable fashion that can be delivered to your door!

Is Shein shipping free?

Yes, Shein offers free shipping on orders of $40 or more.

Can you trust Shein website?

YES!! You can 100% trust your order from Shein website. They have an amazing return and exchange policy, if something goes wrong or you don’t like what you ordered, no problem! Just send it back or swap it for a different item within 30 days.

How much do Shein workers get paid?

Shein workers are paid a fair wage and treated with respect. We believe that no one should have to risk their health or safety to make a living

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Are SHEIN returns free?

All SHEIN returns are free. Simply return your package to the nearest post office, and we will refund your original order payment.

How do I get student discount at SHEIN?

As a student, you can get 10% off at SHEIN, just use the code “STUDENT20” in your shopping cart

Is Shein expensive?

Shein can be pricey in certain categories, but there are plenty of places it’s still affordable. It tends to have a lot of trendy items, so if you’re looking for something specific, make sure you shop around for coupons and discounts before making any purchase.

How long does Shein take to deliver?

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