Does Shein refund your money?

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You’re looking for a simple and straight-to-the-point answer to the question: “Does Shein refund your money?” There are many aspects to such a big question. But instead of going deep into each question/aspect, we’ll provide a concise answer that addresses everything you need to know about Shein’s return policy in one short answer.

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Does Shein refund your money?

  • Yes, In the event of any issue with your order, you can always ask for a refund.
  • All refunds will be issued to your Shein wallet. If you want to spend the refunded amount on other purchases from us or withdraw it to your payment account, you can do so by going to your account wallet.

People Also Asked:

Shop with Apple Pay on Shein

Shein is one of the first retailers to allow Apple Pay payments. You can use Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch at checkout in a majority of our stores, but not all.

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Shein accepts all major cards

When you buy Shein, you can pay with your credit card. Shein accepts all major cards, including VISA and MasterCard.

Stealing credit card info

So if you’re a little nervous about shopping at SHEIN and wondering if they’ll steal your credit card information, you can rest easy. Shein is safe to use and doesn’t save any credit card info that you might enter on their website during your checkout process.

Getting scammed on Shein

Getting scammed on Shein

Shein has been around for over a decade, which means we’ve perfected the art of not scamming our customers. Instead, we want you to find what you want at the best possible price.

Shein is true to size

Shein clothes are true to size and most are made to fit loose. This item is a standard fit, which means this piece was sized and designed to be worn out with your favorite pair of sneakers or sandals.

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Good quality clothes

Shein’s clothes are of good quality. Their clothes have great designs at affordable prices.

People love Shein

People love Shein

People love shopping at Shein because our prices are the lowest you’ll find online and the quality of our clothes are just as good as those found in department stores. Shein offers $10 off your first purchase when you register on our site, so what are you waiting for?

Shein Owner

Shein is a fashion brand that offers trendy, affordably priced women’s clothing. Shein is owned by CEO Chris Xu. Shein’s main headquarters are located in Shanghai, China and also has offices in Silicon Valley, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

Using apple gift cards on Shein

You can use an Apple gift card for Shein. Simply check the “Gift Card” option in the dropdown menu after adding the items to your shopping cart, then enter the code from your iTunes Gift Card when prompted.

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Pay with Shein wallet

To pay with Shein wallet, first open the Shein app and login with your credentials. Then click on the cart with the product you wish to buy. Scroll down and click on ‘Payment details’ to see all your payment methods. Select a method of payment from here and complete the transaction.

Pay Shein with Cash

Yes, SheIn allows cash on delivery as a payment method for its loyal customers. To get this service, simply log onto the website and choose your preferred payment option – Cash on Delivery (COD) or Credit/Debit Card Payments.

Pay Shein with PayPal

Pay with PayPal on the Shein website. You can pay for your order in all transactions securely.

Shein is based in China

Shein is based in China. Since its founding, SheIn has created an ecosystem of products through style, quality, uniqueness, and service.


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