Does Shein have lead in their clothes?

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Shein has recently been the target of wide-spread rumors. One of the most well-known players in the online clothing stores is now being looked at to respond to what it is being accused of. In this article we are going to answer what users and online clothes shoppers are asking; Do Shein clothes have lead?

Shein using high levels of lead in its clothes

The company which started its business as an online clothing store in 2008 by Chris Xu, later gained worldwide popularity and fame due to its economic and fashionable products. Soon, Shein expanded its market to other countries as a seller of economic high-quality clothes. The company’s fame is now endangered due to high-extent quality control investigations by Canada, the United States, England, and Australia.

Shein’s online store is now accused of violating health, safety, and human rights regulations. More-than-standard-level use of lead and other toxic chemicals in its products is one of the things Shein is accused of.

Shein has formerly been accused of anti-environment and anti-modern-slavery acts at English and Australian courts, and its violations have been proven (source).

Shein is now accused of having too much lead in its clothes. Accusation which started with a tweet from Cora Harrington, American writer and lingerie expert, saying:

Lead in Shein clothes
High levels of lead are found in Shein clothes

This went even further as buyers where recommended to wash Shein clothes just after buying them, while this can reduce the life time of the textile by half. Washing the clothes only dilutes the chemicals and prevents severe harm, but none of these can completely remove toxic chemicals and lead.

Many experts and objectors to Shein‘s act believe lack of proper quality assurance regulations and controls in China is the main reason of such problems.

In contrast with the regulations for manufacturers all over the world, there is no product safety responsibility in China. Any manufacturer who supplies products with lower prices is more welcome. No manufacturer takes responsibility about customer toxicities.

Disorders in male reproductive system with Shein toxic clothes

According to researches in the university of Toronto, hidden lateral costs can be imposed to people by buying cheap clothes.

An experiment which was performed on 38 samples of clothes from 6 online clothing stores revealed that 20% of the material included significant amounts of elements that can harm human health.

High level of lead in Shein clothes threatens male's reproductive system
Male reproductive system endangered by high level of lead in Shein clothes

These chemicals are categorized under Phthalates which cause disorders in the reproductive system of men through disarranging their reproductive hormones.

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The lead in the clothes is found to be 20% more than the standard levels.

The results of this study confirmed that Shein clothes contained levels of lead that are higher than standards. According to this, the company was condemned to call back its clothes from the market for quality control experiments.

Risks of Shein’s lead containing clothes

Lead has destructive effects on health of liver, kidney, brain, genital, and even your heart. Pregnant women and children are more vulnerable against lead in textiles of clothes due to their more sensitive immunity system.

The lead in Shein clothes also endangers the health of their factory workers. This toxic chemical can easily enter their body through their skin while touching the textiles.

Shein workers in risk of toxic chemicals
Shein workers are also endangered by toxic chemicals in textiles

It must be mentioned that babies are the most vulnerable against lead containing clothes. Their body attracts the chemicals sooner and more easily and they are also likely to put the toxic clothe in their mouth.

Shein’s only power point

Shein‘s only considerable power point is having BBB standard that is related to customer support services, since this company has ever since not committed any identity or payment information theft acts. This online store delivers thousands of orders to its customers all over the world daily.

It might be difficult to neglect buying low price fashionable clothes, but do not forget that toxics and lead can not be removed by washing.

Concerns about using Shein‘s and other online clothing stores’ lead containing clothes is, these days, one of the hottest topics of conversations on platforms like Reddit and Quora. Among these conversations, recommendations on washing these clothes before using them is most highlighted.

Shein cheap and fashionable clothes are not safe
Shein cheap and fashionable clothes

After all, health and fashion have risen against each other and you need to be careful since following cheap fashion can cost your health. We hope more serious quality control in Shein can prevent such mistakes and people around the world can once more enjoy high-quality and low-price fashionable clothes.

  • Shein clothes contain more than a safe amount of lead, according to the University of Toronto’s examination of product samples.
  • More than 20 percent of the lead materials in their clothing may cause skin and eye diseases.
  • Therefore, using chemicals in textile products is a serious concern.
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How you can wash lead out of Shein clothes?

The easiest way to minimize the toxic chemicals in clothes is to use hot water and baking soda.
Washing new clothes with baking soda and hot water is the best method to be applied at home, and you can safely use your new clothes.

SHEIN: Toxic chemicals are found in some clothes 

People Also Asked:

Does Shein use toxic chemicals?

No, Shein does not use any toxic chemicals in their products. They use only water-based dyes and chemicals, which are much better for your skin in the long run.

Can clothes contain lead?

Yes, clothes can contain lead. Lead-contaminated garments have been found in different countries, including India, China, and Nigeria.

What is problematic about Shein?

There are many problems with Shein cloth, but the main reason is that it charges an extremely high shipping rate—an extra $10 for every purchase. In addition, other similar companies have much better quality products at a similar price point, so you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Should I wash Shein's clothes before wearing them?

Should I wash Shein’s clothes before wearing them?

You can wash Shein’s clothes before wearing them if you want to remove the factory smell, but we recommend not washing them because of the garment’s delicate fabric. If there is a chance you need to wash, please use cold water and a hand wash setting if possible, or take it to a dry cleaner for best results.

Do Shein clothes have carcinogens?

The majority of Shein clothes do not have carcinogenic dyes in them. However, some of the clothing is made with vintage fabrics that could contain carcinogenic dyes.

lead in clothes

How do you get toxins out of your clothes?

One of the best ways to get toxins out of your clothes is to rinse them in a mixture of water and vinegar. Vinegar will neutralize the ammonia, give it a clean smell, and keep your clothes from shrinking.

Why are people so against Shein?

Why are people so against Shein?

People are against Shein because they do not like their business model, which can be slightly scummy, and have had issues with quality in the past. We feel that their prices are very reasonable for what you get, especially regarding full-priced designer items.

Is it safe to shop on Shein?

Shein is the go-to place for affordable clothes and accessories, but since it’s so affordable, many customers question whether it’s safe to shop there. Whether you want to know if they have reasonable return policies or want tips on the spot on which products are knockoffs or fakes, we’ve got you covered.

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How do I know if my clothes have lead?

There are two ways to find out if your clothes have lead. One is that you can send them to a lab, which is expensive and time-consuming. The other option is a DIY at-home test where you just rub the fabric with your fingers and check for shiny flakes. The garment probably contains lead if there’s any silver dust on the test strip.

Can you get lead poisoning from clothes?

You should never wear clothes that have been worn by someone who has lead poisoning. However, you can be exposed to lead through direct contact with contaminated clothing, so hand washing is important if you suspect your clothing may contain lead.

What are SHEIN clothes made of?

The clothes at SHEIN are made with the finest materials available today. We sell high-quality clothing at affordable prices.

Where does Shein get their clothes from?

Shein sources the latest styles from around the globe, including Asia and Europe, to bring you all the latest looks. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure our buyers always have an eye on the latest trends and fashions.

Does Shein have lead in their clothes?

Is Shein clothes good quality?

Yes, Shein’s clothes are of good quality! You can find some amazingly well-made pieces on the app. And on top of that, you get free shipping for all orders over $50, so it’s a win/win.

Does washing clothes get rid of lead?

No. Washing clothes does NOT get rid of lead.

Do Shein’s clothes have bed bugs?

The clothes are made of high-quality fabric and very comfortable to wear. They look great on the body, and their designs are detailed enough to make them stand out. There have been no reports of bed bugs in any of their products.

Can Shein lead be washed off?

Yes, you can wash off the Shein lead. However, you will be left with some residual Shein on your surface. It is not permanent, so washing it with soap and water will remove it completely.

Are Shein reviews fake?

We’ve scoured the internet and found a lot of fake reviews on Shein. All these reviews seem to be written by people who have never had contact with Shein and are trying to scare others from buying from the brand.

Is polyester cancerous?

Polyester is a term used to describe plastic found in clothes and fabrics like polyester satin. These materials are made up of polymers, which are long chains of chemicals. Polyester is considered completely safe, so it’s not cancerous.

Toxic Chemicals In Shein Clothing .

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