Does Shein deliver to china?

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  • Yes, Shin delivers orders to China.
  • Originally all the Shein goods and clothes were in China and the shipping was very easier for Chinese buyers.
  • As of now, most Shein warehouses are in US and europe, but even if your order is not available in China, they will deliver it from other countries to your home in China.

Why China’s Shein is awesome?

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Do Shein ships to China?

Yes, SheIn ships to China and most countries throughout the world. 

How do I get Shein in China?

You can get Shein clothing in China. Simply log on to and make your purchase. Note you’ll need a credit card of some kind but no worries, the site accepts most major cards from Visa to American Express and MasterCard.

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Where does Shein deliver to?

Shein delivers worldwide. Please note that since Shein ships from China, shipping may take a while to US and International destinations.

How long does Shein packages from China take?

How long does Shein packages from China take?

Shein packages from China take about 1-2 weeks to arrive depending on your delivery country.

Is Shein shipping reliable?

Shein is shipping reliable, we promise. It uses international shipping methods like DHL, FedEx, etc. to deliver items from China to U.S., UK and Australia at a faster speed. 

Who is the owner of Shein?

Shein is a Chinese online clothing retailer. Founded in 2009, it was co-founded by two engineering graduates from Tsinghua University which is located in Beijing, China. is the largest Chinese online fashion retailer in the US offering 5,000+ styles at prices up to 80% less than retail stores

Is Shein cheaper in China?

Is Shein cheaper in China?

Shein is cheaper in China because it’s a Chinese brand. Shein can be more affordable for you as much as 50% but it also depends on what you buy, the color, size and etc. In other words, there are much more factors that influence it.

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Where is the Shein warehouse in China?

Shein’s main warehouse is located in Shenzen, China

Can you trust Shein website?

Yes. Shein is one of the most trusted online fashion retailers, offering quality products at affordable prices.

Why is Shein so popular?

Shein is a retailer of women’s clothing, accessories, and shoes. As a result of high customer satisfaction and positive reviews, Shein has become increasingly popular among young people.

Which country buys the most from Shein?

The country that buys the most from Shein is China. Last year, Chinese buyers purchased more than 588 million items from Shein.

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Who is Shein’s biggest competitor?

Shein’s biggest competitor is YesStyle, which has been operating for more than 8 years in the online fashion industry. Shein was launched in 2011 and does not have nearly as much history or experience in the online fashion industry.

Do all Shein products come from China?

Shein’s products are designed, sourced and manufactured in-house. Although most of our garments are made in China, we also manufacture some items in U.S.A and Europe.

Who makes the clothes for Shein?

Shein’s fashion is designed and produced by a team of talented individuals all over the world.

How long does Shein take to deliver?

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