Does Life360 works perfectly on Xiaomi Redmi Note 11?

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Does Life360 works perfectly on Xiaomi Redmi Note 11? If you have bought a new phone and you’re wondering whether Life360 works with it, or wondering why it’s not accurate lately then this blog post will answer all your questions!

Life360: how to track your family

Does Life360 works perfectly on Xiaomi Redmi Note 11?

  • Yes, Life360 works perfectly on Xiaomi Redmi Note 11.
  • The app is easy to use, and you can see the whole family in a single stream on the same map.
  • You can easily locate your family members at any time, even if they are not carrying their phones.

People Also Asked:

Life360 tells when someone looks at your location

Life360 does not tell you when someone looks at your location. It only knows when locations are shared with us, usually through the app’s “Find Family” feature.

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Life360 sees what you do on your phone

Life360 can only see users’ phone numbers, not what users do on their phones. The app simply uses the built-in GPS on your mobile device to locate family members and friends. 

Putting Life360 on someones phone without them knowing

The only way you can put Life360 on a person’s phone without their knowing is if they have given you access to their account. You can request access from them directly on their profile, or you can contact customer support who can guide you through the process of getting permissions added.

The cons of Life360

The cons of Life360

Life360 may be a helpful app in finding your family when you need them, but there are a few disadvantages. You will be sending location data to Life360’s servers and they promise to keep it secure and private, but how can you trust that? Also, the app requires location access permission on an ongoing basis even when not actively monitoring your family’s location.

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Life360 tracks messages

You can use Life360 to track messages. In order to get access to this feature, please be sure that you have the premium plan, or have upgraded your account at least once to use this feature.

Life360 price for a month

Life360 is a subscription service, which means you will automatically be billed each and every month. The price of our subscription is just $14.99/mo and there are no cancellation fees in your first three months.

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Turn off Life360 without parents knowing

You can turn off Life360 without your parents knowing. This will stop them from seeing your location and tracking your family’s safety with the app.

Deleting your history on Life360

You can delete your history on Life360 by visiting your location history and deleting the places you have visited. If you want to delete all of your current and past locations, please note that this will also delete any stored contact information or emergency alerts in your account.

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