Does Life360 work on Samsung?

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  • Yes. Life360 is compatible with any Android device, including Samsung phones.
  • To use Life360, go to the Google Play store on your device and search for Life360.
  • Tap download and install the app.

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People Also Asked:

What phones work with Life360?

The Life360 Family Locator app works with most smartphones that run iOS 9 and Android 5.0 or higher, have Wi-Fi, and have location services enabled. 

What is Android Life360?

Android Life360 is a social platform to connect families and friends. It gives you the chance to stay in contact with those close to you. You can easily learn about their daily schedule, send them a message or even share photos. 

How do I spoof Life360 location on Samsung?

There are two ways to spoof your Life360 app location on your Samsung phone. You can use the Fake GPS location setting and select a spoofed location, or you can install another app that will allow you to spoof it.

How do I download Life360 on Android?

How do I download Life360 on Android?

Go to Google Play Store. Search for Life360 and tap Get. Tap Install. Once the app is installed, you can open it from your smartphone home screen or apps list.

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Is Life360 free for Android?

Yes, Life360 is 100% free to download and use on your Android device!

How do I get rid of Life360 without my parents knowing?

You can remove the Life360 app from your phone. This will not remove the app from your parents’ phones, but it will prevent them from seeing your location on the map. To do this, go to Settings > Apps and click on Life360. Tap “Uninstall” and follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall this app

How can I track my kid's Android phone?

How can I track my kid’s Android phone?

If you don’t want to worry about your kids, install Life360 on their phones. It’s a location-sharing app that lets you know exactly where your kids are, so you can be sure they’re safe.

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What are the cons of Life360?

Some of the cons of Life360 are difficulty in finding some locations and long loading times.

How much is Life360 a month?

Life360 platinum membership is just $24.99 a month.

Why is my daughter’s Life360 not working?

Make sure her internet connection is working and uninstall and reinstall the Life360 app. 

Does Life360 drain the battery?

The short answer is no. Since Life360 uses very little data and uses GPS only when the app is open, it doesn’t drain your battery.

Is Life360 a good idea?

Yes, Life360 is a really good idea. It keeps you connected to your family through text, photos, and GPS. This can be a very helpful thing if someone ever gets into an accident or needs help since you will be able to get in touch with them right away no matter where they are.

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Does Life360 use a lot of data?

Life360 only uses a small amount of data, but we recommend using Life360 when you’re on WiFi.

Is Life360 any good?

Life360 is a great service for your family. It’s a GPS family locator, but you can use it to keep tabs on your whole crew. You can see where everyone is going, get real-time alerts when someone is headed home, and get the ability to find lost items in your house. 

Why can’t I locate someone on Life360?

If you can’t find someone on Life360, it may be because they have paused their location sharing.

Can Life360 track text messages?

Life360 does not track text messages. It only tracks locations and other important information, like the location of your family members during emergencies.

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