Does life360 work in France?

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  • Yes, You can use Life360 anywhere in the world to keep track of your loved ones, regardless of where they are (or if they have an iPhone or Android).
  • Place Alerts will only work if your phone is connected to the internet, an active data plan, and geofenced by Life360.
  • If you are using iOS7 or older, we recommend trying Wi-Fi locations in addition to cellular locations to increase accuracy even further.

Why You Should STOP Using Life360!

People Also Asked:

Will Life360 work internationally?

Yes, Life360 will work internationally. Anywhere in the world can make use of places.

Can you use Life360 in the UK?

You can use Life360 in the UK. To get started with Life360, you’ll need either access to a reliable internet connection and a mobile device running iOS or Android, or a computer that has access to Microsoft Outlook on Windows (Windows Vista or higher).

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Why parents shouldn’t track their kids?

There are many reasons why parents shouldn’t track their kids. Firstly, tracking apps not only give you the belief that you are in control of your kids’ whereabouts but also put a feeling of insecurity and distrust on them. Secondly, tracking apps can be misleading because they can generate false information. Last but not least, with tracking apps there’s a high risk of hacking.

How do you download Life360 on iOS?

How do you download Life360 on iOS?

There are a few ways to download Life360 on iOS. You can download it from our website, or from the App Store. 

How do you download Life360 on Android?

To download Life360 on Android, tap Google Play and download the app. Once it installs, open the App menu and tap Life360.

Can you share the location internationally on Life360?

Yes, you can share your location internationally on Life360.

What are the pros of Life360?

What are the pros of Life360?

Life360 is the easiest way to keep your family organized. Share locations and real-time updates on the family map, so you can always find everyone in the house.

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Why is Life360 toxic?

Life360 is toxic because some think it’s an invasion of privacy. They keep records and share your data with law enforcement and companies.

Why you should stop using Life360?

This app looks really useful but it’s much too expensive.

Is there an app better than Life360?

No, not that we know of. Life360 brings you an experience that no one else can match with merged family messaging and location sharing.

Does Airplane Mode Turn off location?

Airplane mode turns off all wireless features and the device’s antenna, which disables all cellular communications. The device still uses location services that are required for navigation apps, but it does not use GPS for tracking your location. 

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Is Life360 the best Family locator app?

Life360 is the 1 family locator app for families, friends and parents. With more than a million active users, Life360 helps families and friends stay connected — everywhere they go.

Who uses Life360 the most?

Anyone with a family. From parents who want to keep their kids safe, to grandparents who want to check in on their grandkids, millions of families use Life360 every day.

Is Life360 popular among Americans?

Yes, Life360 is an app that was born with the goal of connecting family and friends in their everyday lives. Popular among Americans, this app is currently used by more than 60 million people worldwide

Life360: how to track your family

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