Does Life360 work in China?

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  • Unfortunately, Life360 Doesn’t work in China and the company has stated this matter on its website.
  • Life360 works in over 200 countries and territories.
  • However, Life360 does not currently work in China and other parts of the world where the internet is heavily censored.

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People Also Asked:

Is Life360 available in China?

Unfortunately, Life360 does not work in China. However, there is a similar app called We Family that works in China and tracks the same family members that you can use while in China.

What countries does Life360 work in?

Life360 works in all countries except China and North Korea.

Can you use Life360 from different countries?

Life360 can be used to receive and share updates from almost any country.

Does Life360 work in Japan?

Does Life360 work in Japan?

Yes, Life360 works in Japan. Your family is always with you and safe when they have Life360 installed on their phones.

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Why is my son’s Life360 not working?

Life360 has not been able to send or receive location updates. You need to update the newest version of the app.

Does Life360 steal data?

No! Life360 does not steal your data, contrary to what some of the false claims being shared on social media may say. Life360 does not collect or store any personal data from users. Our privacy policy can be found here:

Can you track someone on Life360 without them knowing?

Can you track someone on Life360 without them knowing?

No, Life360 is an opt-in app. You can’t track someone without their consent.

Does Life360 tell you when someone checks your location?

Yes! Life360 tells you when someone checks your location, so you can see where they are in real-time too.

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What are the pros of Life360?

Life360 provides you with convenient and affordable peace of mind, so you can enjoy more time together. We designed our app to be simple and easy to use, so there’s nothing standing between you and getting the most out of life.

Does Life360 use a lot of internet?

Life360 uses a small amount of internet, only when you are using the app to communicate with others. If you continue to use Life360 but do not connect to other people, no internet connection will be used.

What apps are blocked in China?

Many apps, including Life360 and Telegram, are blocked in China.

What apps are allowed in China?

In China, the government controls what apps can and cannot be accessed. There are several popular apps, however, that are allowed in China, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LINE. These apps allow you to communicate with friends via text messages and phone calls.

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How accurate is Life360 speed?

Life360 speeds are accurate to within 1-2 MPH. We can verify this because our app has the ability to report speeds while in motion and the phone is locked, with the GPS chip still on, and locked phones only report speed when they’re moving.

Can Life360 track your phone calls?

Life360 can’t track phone calls. Life360 uses GPS and mobile networks to determine your location and track your family’s driving behaviors.

Who is Life360 owned by?

Life360 is a family locator service owned by Chris Hulls. The company was founded in 2008.

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