Does Life360 track websites?

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Have you ever wondered if Life360 is monitoring websites? Is it just sites like Facebook, or perhaps other sites where I might want to prevent my kids from using their online accounts.

Why You Should STOP Using Life360!

Does Life360 track websites?

  • Life360 does not track the websites you visit.
  • Life360 is always committed to your privacy and keeping your information safe.
  • It only tracks your family’s phone location so that you can easily see their whereabouts and feel safe knowing where they are.

People Also Asked:

Life360 tracking websites

Life360 does not track what websites you are using.

Life360 purpose

Life360 is a family app that allows you to share your location with your loved ones. You can use Life360 to track your family members, get estimated arrival times and give help if someone gets into trouble. Always be connected with the family you love!

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All Life360 can see

Life360 can see your current location, recent driving activity and trips with others. It can also be used to track family members and view a daily summary of the trips they have taken so you know who is on the road, how far they drove and when they got home.

Telling if someone is tricking on Life360

Telling if someone is tricking on Life360

There are several ways to check if someone is tricking on Life360. The first is to try and replicate the location of your family member in another location. This can be done by visiting another location and then pulling up your family member’s profile by searching their name. If, within a short time frame, they are not there but in the other location you checked… they may be using a different device or using an app that mimics their actual phone.

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The cons of Life360

The biggest con of Life360 is that it only works with iOS and Android devices. While this doesn’t mean there’s no way to use the app with other platforms like Windows phone, it does limit the number of users who can make use of it.

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Delete your history on Life360

Yeou can remove your location history from Life360. This will delete all of your past data. You can also edit or temporarily pause your account at any time to adjust tracking preferences.

Admins on Life360

Admin features are a huge part of Life360. Admins can see and manage alerts, create new users and manage permission settings, monitor group activity, and much more.

Teens use Life360

Teens use Life360 to keep in touch with friends, let their parents know what they’re doing, or just for fun.

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