Does Life360 tell you when someone turns their location off?

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I have talked about the best family tracking apps in a previous post, but here’s something I recently discovered…one of those services monitors their activity even when they don’t use it. Does Life360 tell you when someone turns their location off?

How to Turn Off Location on Life360 without Anyone Knowing 2022

Does Life360 tell you when someone turns their location off?

  • Yes, Life360 will let you know when someone stops sharing their location with the app.
  • However, this system only works if you are both in a Life360 circle.
  • When someone turns off their location, the other users in the circle will see a notification that states “Location Sharing Paused” on the map.

People Also Asked:

Pause Life360 without parents knowing

To turn off Life360 without your parents knowing, you can try to turn on Airplane Mode. This will temporarily disable the location services on your phone so it will not be able to send the location information sent to the family group.

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Seeing how many times someone checks location on Life360

You can see how many times someone checks your location Life360 by viewing their geofences and seeing the time they were last seen.

Notification when someone checks the location

You can also choose to get notified when someone checks your location.

When Someone stops sharing location

When Someone stops sharing location

When someone stops sharing their location with you, the app will have a little notification that says “Location sharing paused.”

Green dot meaning on Life360

The little green dot on your Life360 map means the member has activated Life360’s drive detection feature. You can see where they are, where they have been, and if they’re driving or walking.

Purple dot meaning on Life360

When you see a purple dot on Life360, it will tell you the location where your loved one’s phone was when it connected to our servers.

Grey circle meaning on Life360

Grey circle meaning on Life360

Grey circle on somones profile means they have paused their location sharing. To see the last time they shared their location with you, push the grey circle and see this information at the bottom of their screen.

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Life360 updating location

Life360 is constantly updating your location every 2 seconds, so you’ll always know where your family members are.

Life360’s cons

We’ve found that in general, Life360 is very reliable and can often be helpful. However, the app is expensive and you may also want to consider alternatives (such as Google Maps or Waze) that can do a similar job at a cheaper price.

All Life360 can see

Life360 can see a lot! We can see your location, see when you drive at high speeds, see when the device has been offline for an extended period of time and alert parents that something is wrong.

Accuracy of Life360 location

Life360 is 100% accurate, even when you’re underground or inside a building. Our proprietary location engine is compatible with GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks to ensure our location and activity history are always up-to-date.

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Life360 on the court of law

Life360 can be admissible as an official document, but, the content of this document must be verified by a lawyer who specializes in family law. In addition, Life360 has to be reviewed by another party that has its own sound legal knowledge and understanding of your situation.

Popularity of Life360

Life360 is a family locator app that keeps you connected to your loved ones around the globe. More than 50 million people use it to keep track of their families and friends, see when they arrive at their destinations, and much more. As the number one-selling family locator app, Life360 is highly rated by industry experts and its users alike.

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