Does Life360 tell someone when you check their location?

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Life360 is a great app for keeping track of your family and friends. You have several options to keep tabs on loved ones: their location, driving speed, and their ability to request help by sending out a distress signal. It’s sometimes necessary to check these things out. But does Life360 know when you are checking up on your family?

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Does Life360 tell someone when you check their location?

  • No, Life360 does not notify someone when you are checking their location, even if they are in your circle.
  • You may, however, set up automated notifications to notify you when someone enters or exits an area, view real-time position data on each other on a private map, and more.

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Checking location on Life360

No one can see if you check their location on Life360. 

Knowing if someone is tracking me on Life360

There are a couple of ways to tell if someone is tracking you on Life360. The first way to tell is that the app will send you a notification that someone has started or stopped tracking your location. The second way is by looking at the map, which shows any tracked friends in blue and any un-tracked friends in black.

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The green dot on Life360

The green dot on Life360 means that your family member has activated Life360’s drive detection feature. With this feature activated, Life360 will automatically detect whether or not your family member is driving and send you a real-time GPS location alert when they leave home.

The purple dot on Life360 means

The purple dot on Life360 means

A purple dot on Life360 represents the location where the device was when it connected to Life360’s servers. Each time a device connects, we get an updated location by tapping into the device’s Wi-Fi and cellular radios.

The orange dot on Life360

The orange dot on Life360 means a crime got reported at that exact location before. See who is nearby and get safety tips in real time.

The GREY dot meaning on Life360

The grey dot on Life360 is a way to let someone know that they have paused their location sharing. When the dot is grey, it means that person is no longer sharing their location with you.

Hide location on Life360 

Hide location on Life360 

You can hide your location on Life360 using Airplane Mode. 

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Ghost mode on Life360

Being in ghost mode means you are still visible within the Life360 app, but you do not appear on the map and history to others. Ghost mode can be helpful when you’re going to be home or traveling and don’t want others to see where you are, but still want them to be able to text or call if needed.

Life360 let you see text messages

Yes, Life360 lets you view text messages from other members of your family and/or friends. You can also write, delete and receive text messages from Life360 Mobile for Android devices.

Life360 shows short trips

Life360 has a setting that can turn off “short trips,” or shorter trips that last between 10 and 30 minutes. You can find this setting in the settings section of the Life360 app. When you tap on it, the app will prompt you to turn the function off for all members of your family or for each member individually.

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Life360 good for relationships

Life360 has a dedicated tab that allows you to add family members, friends and spouses. You can then check their location and see how far apart you are from each other at any given point in time. Life360 is useful for both relationships and family members who want to stay connected with one another.

Positives of Life360

Life360 is simple and easy to use! Use Life360 to share your locations with family and friends, receive alerts when people arrive, leave or are late for meetings, get directions for the best route to meet up with people, find out where everyone is during a trip.

Life360 shows when the phone is off

Life360 shows the last location of people in your network. If you or a family member’s phone is off, you can use that data to see where they were last detected.

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