Does Life360 show your search history?

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  • No, Life360 doesnt show your search history.
  • This is because Life360 doesnt have access to your search history and browser.
  • Life360 can only track GPS and only shares what you do in the app with other members, who also need to be connected in order for you to see their location.

Why You Should STOP Using Life360!

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People in Life360 see your search history

The Life360 app respects your privacy. No user in the Life360 family can see your search history and we don’t sell any information to third parties.

Life360 accessibility

Life360 can see your current location, along with a map of your surrounding area. It also shows you the locations of your friends and family members on the same map, so you can keep track of each other.

Life360 seeing my texts

No, Life360 is in no way able to see your texts. The only thing we see is location, which is why we ask if you want to enable this feature at installation.

parents see what I do on my phone 

parents see what I do on my phone 

No! Parents cant see your app activity or what you do on your phone

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Protecting internet history from parents on Life360

Yes, you can protect your Internet history from being tracked by parents.

Deleting history on Life360

To delete your history from Life360, simply navigate to Account > History. At the bottom of the page you will see the option to delete all history.

Cons of Life360

Cons of Life360

The cons of Life360 would have to be that it is based in the USA, so if you don’t have a phone number in the USA, it won’t work. Also, this app uses your data plan and battery life so it’s not very efficient when you’re on the move.

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You should stop using Life360

Life360 keeps track of your family and loved ones, but there are some serious privacy concerns. It’s been reported that Life360 has been sharing data with advertisers, but you should still be able to use it privately. Here’s how to stop Life360 from tracking you and your family

Toxicity of Life360

The main reason that Life360 is toxic is due to the fact that it fails to provide the user with an effective way to manage their account properly.

Life360 an invasion of privacy

Life360 is a good thing for everyone involved, but as with any technology there are some potential downsides. The biggest potential downside to Life360 is that it can be used to track family and friends without their consent.

Life360 not showing my friend’s history

Your friend may have deleted his/her history. Call up your friend and find out!

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deleting Places on Life360

You can delete a place on Life360 from either your dashboard or from your Family’s dashboard. Just go to the location in question, tap the three dots and then tap “Delete.”

Using Life360 in court

Life360 is not a court-admissible document, but it is a great resource to show an eyewitness to the scene or witnesses who may have been involved. It can also be used as showing someone’s movements around town or at a home on the day of the incident.

Accuracy of Life360 app

Life360 is a really accurate app. We have been using it for years and it’s so easy to use. You can set up your family members and it shows you where the family member is on a map, plus you get alerts when someone has left their current location, or arrives at their destination.


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