Does Life360 show what apps you use?

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  • No, Life360 does not collect information about what apps are installed on your phone or what websites you visit in order to provide this functionality.
  • So when you are in an app, Life360 does not show the actual app you are using and will only tell other circle members that you are driving.

Life360 App Review | Monitor your Teen!

People Also Asked:

Life360 showing your search history

No, Life360 does not show your search history. Life360 does not collect or store any of your search history data.

Information Life360 can see

Location information is the most important. You can see when other family members are leaving or arriving at home, at work, or any other location.

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Life360 monitoring social media

Life360 does not monitor social media for any reason.

Parents see what I do on my phone on Life360

Parents see what I do on my phone on Life360

Parents can’t see your phone usage on Life360, like how calls are made or texts are sent. However, they can see when you’re connected to a certain device or when you break that connection.

Delete history on Life360?

To delete your history on Life360, open the app and tap the settings icon (three dots) in the upper-right corner. Scroll down until you see Delete Location History and then tap it. You’ll now see an option to delete your entire history or individual trips.

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Life360 notify when you delete the app

Your circle members won’t receive a notification when you delete Life360.

Delete messages on Life360

Delete messages on Life360

Yes, you can delete messages on the Life360 app. You can either remove individual messages by swiping them left, or delete multiple messages at once.

Getting rid of Life360 without parents knowing

To get rid of Life360, you’ll need to delete the app from your phone. Make sure to be quick about it so that your parents don’t catch you in the act. 

Life360 showing phone calls

Life360 does not show phone calls. We provide location-based check-ins and alerts.

Admin control on Life360 circle

The admin can see all the family members, their status, and routes. They can remove somebody from Life360 if they want them out of their group.

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Green dot meaning on Life360

The green dot is a drive detection feature that shows you the location of your family members on the map. When viewing location history, you can see destinations and paths traveled.

Purple dot meaning on Life360

When you see a purple dot on the map, it means that the member’s phone was connected to Life360 when they were at that location. The purple dot doesn’t represent where their phone is now or where they are heading.

Life360 App Review | Monitor your Teen!

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