Does Life360 show what app you download?

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  • No, Life360 doesnt have access to what you download and what apps you use.
  • It is an application that is used to track family members using location information.
  • It provides a map with their exact location and updates in real-time.

Life360: how to track your family

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Life360 shows your search history

No, Life360 does not show your search history. It uses location to keep you safe and within view of family members.

Parents see on Life360

The same things you see on Life360. Your parents will be able to see your family’s location, check the status of their children, and the ability to text them. They will also be able to see their child’s Life360 home screen, which includes a map and other details they might find helpful.

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Everything Life360 can see

Everything we can see is the location of your family, friends’ family and dinner plans. Life360 gives you full control over what information you share with us.

Life360 seeing my texts

Life360 seeing my texts

No. Life360 is used to see where your family members are, and how they are traveling, but Life360 cannot see your texts or access anything on your phone.

Positives of Life360

There are a multitude of positives associated with Life360. If your children get lost, it can be extremely helpful to be able to find them quickly by either pulling up their current location on the app or finding their phone using the program. Many families have reported receiving alerts when others are close by, which is good for both safety and privacy.

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Life360 showing what you are doing on your phone

No, Life360 does not show you what the other people on the app are doing. Life360 is a free family location sharing app used by millions of families to easily connect and communicate.

Popularity reason on Life360

Popularity reason on Life360

Life360 is the world’s leading community application bringing families together to help each other live well. With our family locator and safety features, you can see where your loved ones are, keep them protected and communicate with each other – all in one secure place.

Effect of Life360 on relationships

Life 360 is great for relationships, as it helps you stay connected to all of your friends and family.

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You should stop using Life360

Life360 is the most popular family and friend location sharing app, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best one. There are many other options to track loved ones, so we suggest using one made by another company.

An app that is better than Life360

FamiSafe will help you, your family and friends stay connected. The #1 safety app designed by parents for families with kids in tow. Track all the kids using a Family Circle that grows as fast as you do. Know who your son or daughter is with at any time–no matter where they are.

Admins power on Life360

The admin can set up and manage user accounts, edit other users’ profiles, manage Family Profiles.

Why You Should STOP Using Life360!

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