Does Life360 show history?

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Does Life360 show history? Is Life 360 a real-time GPS tracker? How far in the past can you track someone’s location on Life 360? All these key questions will be answered in this guide.

Why You Should STOP Using Life360!

Does Life360 show history?

  • Yes! The profile of a Circle member contains their history.
  • You can view a fast glance of a Circle member’s drive and location information by tapping on their name or photo.
  • Tap on the tiny purple map symbol in the bottom right corner of the map to view a more thorough history of the most recent drive or journey.

People Also Asked:

Life360 seeing your browsing history

No, Life360 can’t see your browser history. When you use a browser, such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer, the websites you visit are stored in a history file. This allows you to return quickly to the pages you want to visit again.

Life360 not showing history

It is likely that the Circle member has disabled their history in settings. To check, ask the Circle member to click on the gear icon at the top right of their Life360 app and open Settings. If Family Sharing is enabled, they need to switch this setting off in order to update the History.

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All can Life360 see

Life360 can see your current and future locations, in real-time on a map in the Life360 app, which is available both from Apple or Google Play.

Deleting history on Life360

Deleting history on Life360

The only way to delete your history on Life360 is to delete your account, which can be done in the Setup Center. To get there, tap Menu>Settings>My profile>Delete account.

The only con of Life360

The only con with Life360 is the price. I had my doubts about spending $50/month on a phone app, but I have found it very useful in keeping track of my family members and keeping them safe. It may be too expensive for some families though.’

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Ghost mode on Life360

With Ghost Mode on Life360, you can temporarily turn off location services for one person or multiple people. This means that your loved ones won’t be able to see where you are or be updated when you leave work, go home, or arrive at your destination.

Parents see your Internet history

Parents see your Internet history

No, your parents can’t see your Internet history on Life360. However, you can share location and other data with them depending on how much they trust you when they set up your Safety Circle.

The number of times someone checks location

Life360 can tell you how often someone checks your location. They may want to know when you are safe, or just want to keep tabs on where you are.

Life360 Admin 

Life360 Admin is the centralized place where you can manage your family’s location data. Create custom content you want to see and give it to people you know in real-time, or set alerts for situations like an older person driving at night or teenagers arriving home after curfew.

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Activity status on Life360

If you see a status under each person’s name, that means they are active on Life360. If their status says “inactive,” they might not be using Life360. In addition to tracking the location of family members, you can also message them directly if they are active

Different colors of circles on Life360

The circles on Life360 represent your relationships. The color of the circle can be changed with each relationship, depending on how close you are to them. For example, if you want to see where your family is at any time, say on Mother’s Day morning, you would look for their purple circles.

Life360 seeing what you’re doing on your phone

Life360 can not see what your doing on your phone. Only your location.


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