Does Life360 sell your information?

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  • Life360 was used to sell user data to 3rd parties.
  • But now the answer is no.
  • In 2022, Life360 officially announced that it would no longer sell the data of its consumers.

Why You Should STOP Using Life360!

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Does Life360 sell your data?

Life360 does not sell your data. We only sell the aggregated GPS location data that is collected by our mobile apps through the use of a mobile phone’s “Location Services” feature (i.e., cellular towers used, not Wi-Fi), which we need to provide the services you want.

Is the Life360 app safe?

Yep! Life360 is completely safe. We’re committed to your privacy and do not share location data with anyone else.

What are the cons of Life360?

The main con of Life360 is that it’s not always precise. The app can have trouble picking up the location of your contacts, which can make it difficult to find them and lead to any number of false alarms. Another con to using a tracking app like Life360 is the cost. 

Is Life360 owned by China?

Is Life360 owned by China?

No, Life360 is completely owned by the United States-based company Life360 Inc.

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Why should you not Get Life360?

Life360 is a mess of a product and it has too many bugs to be usable. I was a customer for a long time, but when I asked for help getting my account back after it disappeared, they deleted all my data and kicked me off the service because they thought I was spamming in the forum!

Is Life360 an invasion of privacy?

Yes, but it also protects you by providing a sense of security. It’s like having a parent peeking in on your kids and being able to check in on them with a quick glance on the smartphone app. All information is private and secure, so you can rest assured that Life360 will not use the data they collect inappropriately or share it with third parties.

Can Life360 see my messages?

Can Life360 see my messages?

No, Life360 will never be able to see your messages. It only uses the information that you provide in order to connect you with others.

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Can Life360 see what you do on your phone?

No, Life360 only uses location information that your phone broadcasts to other devices in its direct area. We work with third-party advertising partners to show you ads while using our app that may be of interest to you.

Can Life360 be used in court?

Unfortunately, Life360 cannot be used in court. The courts have deemed the GPS tracking capabilities of Life360 to be unreliable and inaccurate because it uses cell phone triangulation, which does not take into account the environment, geography and dense or rural areas.

Is Life360 spyware?

Life360 is not spyware but rather a family locator, similar to the kind of GPS tracking app used by many parents. In fact, most of our users are parents who want their families and children to stay safe. Life360 aims to keep families connected and empower them with the means to do so in an easy and effective way.

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What information does Life360 share?

Life360 securely and reliably shares the location of people you care about, your family and friends. We give you full control over the information shared, so you can feel confident about how it is used.

Does Life360 send information to insurance companies?

No, Life360 does not share your personal information or GPS location with insurance companies. In fact, we have policies in place to ensure that your privacy is respected at all times.

What happens when you delete the Life360 app?

When you delete the Life360 app, anyone who was previously in your circle will no longer be connected to your phone. However, you can still find each other by searching fo their names in the Life360 Directory or selecting them on the map when shared.

Can people see my search history on Life360?

No. Your search history is not available to other users on Life360.

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