Does Life360 monitor text messages?

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  • No, Life360 is not able to read your text messages.
  • However, it does contain a social networking element that enables group members to communicate with one another via messaging.
  • Text messages can be easily copied and pasted to other circle members.

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People Also Asked:

What can Life360 monitor?

Life360 monitors just about anything you want to keep track of. It keeps an eye on your family, pets, cars and home—all in one convenient app.

Can Life360 see what you do on your phone?

Life360 does not check what you do on your phone or log your browsing history. We only use location data to monitor your driving, parenting and cell phone use.

Can your parents see your messages on Life360?

No, Your parents cannot see your messages on Life360 unless you give them permission.

What can Life360 circle see?

What can Life360 circle see?

Life360 circle can see your location. When you share your location with a Life360 circle, the information is shared in real time as well as stored for future use.

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Does Life360 have a ghost mode?

Yes, Life360 has a ghost mode feature. This allows you to temporarily hide your car’s location and speed. When in ghost mode, your device will show up as “Lost” on the map as well as with the Live Map Sharing feature. 

Can Life360 monitor kids?

Life360 can monitor your kid’s location, so you can rest assured that they always have someone to reach out to if they’re missing. And if you need to find them quickly, you can use the app to make them ring with a single tap.

Can you see how many times someone checks your location Life360?

Can you see how many times someone checks your location Life360?

You can see how many times someone checks your location Life360! You can also see their current location, and even get info on where they have been by using the map.

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What can your parents see on Life360?

Your parents can see their children (your family members) on a map, and know when you’re leaving or arriving home. Your parents can also see where your family members are if you are in another area together, like planning a family trip.

What can Life360 Admin do?

Life360 Admin can help you manage your devices, create safe zones and do the many things that only the admin can do.

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Is Life360 an invasion of privacy?

In Life360, a family’s location is shared with everyone in the family. One might think that this is an invasion of privacy and should not be in this app.

Does Life360 show Internet history?

No, Life360 does not show your Internet history.

Does Life360 show phone calls?

No, Life360 does not show phone calls. We don’t currently have this displayed in our app.

Can you tell me the location of a text message?

No, the location of a text message is not shown in the current version of the app.

Can Life360 track you on airplane mode?

No, You cannot be tracked while in airplane mode. You have no GPS or Internet connection.

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